≡ʟɪ 2012. szept. 19. @ du. 3:26
Better control over targeting?
It has happened to me 100x now: I target a pirate, launch a guided missile, and at the last second my ship targets a friendly, missile blows-up friendly, and everyone is now trying to kill me.
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Big Mad Wolf 2012. szept. 19. @ du. 3:27 
I heard that they are working on it to prioritisise enemies
Khaninsanity 2012. szept. 19. @ du. 4:41 
You are not alone sir, happens to me all the time as well.
flamedance58 2012. nov. 2. @ du. 11:23 
I don't understand why the game would do that...you target an enemy...you've painted the pirate and launch a seeker missile...it goes for what was painted...the Pirate..even if you target a friendly the missile should still go after the target it was sent after...so..dafuq?
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