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Stop! Its Hammer Time! (A quick guide on the Dwarves of Elysium)
by iska
Allright yall! Here's a nifty little guide about the Dwarven race in Conquest of Elysium 3. Its written from my own experience and that is in no way professional. However, its pretty nice and I had alot of fun writing it. So check it out, give it a rea...
How to use Mods in Conquest of Elysium 3
by Marlin
All you need to know about how to use mods in Conquest of Elysium 3: How to install them, how to activate or deactivate them – and keep track of what mods are active – and how to find info about them (or add info of your own). ________________...
How to Defeat the Forces of Nature.
by Trireme
This guide will dive you a few tips on how to stand against independants and which settlements you should siege....
High Priestess: what is Baal’s gratitude?
by _trd_
This is an analytical text with some tables describing Baal’s gifts to his priestess. Reader will find here two major things: characteristics of summoned by High Priestess servants and chances to summon each of them in game performing rituals. All res...