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Dear Diary of the Dead [Necromancer Guide]
by Achilles.w33
Dear Diary of the Dead is an attempt to mingle the explorative feel of CoE3 with a WIP walkthrough of the Necromancer. The Diary of the Dead will be updated whenever and wherever after I have played the necromancer class, and will be my project over the n...
Stop! Its Hammer Time! (A quick guide on the Dwarves of Elysium)
by iska
Allright yall! Here's a nifty little guide about the Dwarven race in Conquest of Elysium 3. Its written from my own experience and that is in no way professional. However, its pretty nice and I had alot of fun writing it. So check it out, give it a rea...
Menstrual Sacrifice(A Guide to High Priestess)
by Achilles.w33
Have you ever wondered why the high priestess's demons obey her bossy commands? Well, I do too(And I assume it involves a lot of nagging), join me as we journey through Elysium as the High Priestess!...