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Lone Survivor Walkthrough
by grumpychris
A walkthrough showing how to complete the game with the best ending and best mental health. Also a pacifist run walkthrough....
Lone Survivor: New Game+ Guide
by grumpychris
How to obtain and where to find all the new stuff in new game+ mode....
Руководство по Lone Survivor.
by Dude_47
Руководство, которое должно помочь вам в прохождении Lone Survivor...
Lone Survivor - Desperate Times
by vinchenzojackal&shoon
This guide is primarily about the following: enemies and the best as well as many means for surviving them both good and bad, food and drink and their properties and combinations, pills dreams and sleep and their properties, and finally the last is the mo...
Lone Survivor - Poradnik
by hevenik™
Opis przejścia wątku głównego wraz z misjami pobocznymi - Część I (Wszelkie uwagi i sugestie mile widziane)...