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How To Disable The Reactor
by Liberty
Instructions on how to disable the reactor: 1. Type in "pss" and switch the battery. 2. Go to power_control list and disable gravity, core3,4,5,6, bulkheads, rail, waste, sensors, docking... and you also need to disable either *Mute or *Hyun-ae. I kno...
Analogue: Achievements in Hate
by WillyFourEyes
Curious about what happened on the Mugunghwa so many years ago? Want to see how the story ends? Or are you just there to mess around with *Hyun-ae and *Mute, the two cute artificial intelligences that inhabit the ship? Then let Analogue: Achievements in H...
Complete log entries codelist
by Rig
If you're missing some logs to complete the "Deep Space Detective" Achievement, here's some help. xD...