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F1 2012 Setups [Discontinued]
by Santsu ~ Away ~ Back on Monday
This guide includes Custom Setups for the cars in F1 2012. !!! IMPORTANT !!! I'M NOT GOING TO ADD ANYMORE SETUPS. If there is nothing for the Gearbox just use the cars default one....
F1 2012 - F1 2012 V 2.0
Jord77665's F1 2012 Achievements and Useful Information
by Jord77665
Acheivements and Useful Information This covers how to obtain certain Achievements it also shows important information for new users or those that have not thought about this area. ...
How to Prevent a Spin Out
by drpoplove
This guide demosntrates how to prevent spin outs in F1 2012 (and it's pretty easy)....