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Руководство для новичков по AirMech
by KATZ_2142
Подробный и понятный разбор игры AirMech на Русском....
The Counter Attack Strategy
by RoboticBlazeCake
If you struggle to balance out your gameplay, but don't like playing in an extremely defensive or offensvie style, this strategy is perfect for you! It was inspired by BENNYWORLD who made a tactics guide featuring 3 strategies, but the kind I use, which h...
Tips and Tricks
by Rigel
This a general Tips and Tricks guide to AirMech, please note: This is not a beginner's guide. This is more suited towards the mediocre player. The guide covers various topics like : Combat Tips, Teamwork Tips, CTF Tips, AirMech-Specific Tips, Map Tips and...
Bennyworld's Tactx - The Three Types of Game
by Marx and Spencer
This is a guide about the three different tactics often used in Airmech - The balanced game, The Defensive game, and The rush game....
How to Play and Defeat a Chopper Effectively
by Superecnate
A guide for new players on how best to play a Chopper, and how best to pwn the crap out of an enemy Chopper; from the point of view of a long time Chopper main....
Beginner's guide on how to defeat A.I fast
by LF
How to destroy AIs fast and easy, early game...
Guide to Creating an Event (or Tournament)
by Solid_Snake3133
Over the past few months I have noticed a few players struggling in creating a proper Event experience, and thought I should shed some light on how to properly setup a tournament or other event. The following should greatly improve your chances at your ev...
What are Loadouts?
by [BSE] InvaderMEEN
A guide on loadouts in AirMech: how to edit them, what makes up a good loadout, etc. Featured in the AirMech FAQ! Read the original guide here:
How to improve your chatting experience within AirMech (or in general really)
by (Suggestive)
Welcome! If you follow this quick guide you can have a much better chatting experience in AirMech general chat! First off, you'll need to know how to ignore players! This is an easy task, simply click on a player's name in chat and a menu wil...
How to change modes ingame
by DeathxArticWolfehxDeath
I know i know ppl are complaining this everyone knows but even i never knew at the start and im really good Part 1: Starting off First enter a game like vs AI Part 2: Getting into robot mode "Robot mode" or ground mode is basic but all you will ...