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Kin 2012년 11월 11일 오후 8시 11분
Importing stuff.
Where is the file location to import downloads from the wiki?
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Galaxitus / Donoghu 2012년 11월 27일 오후 3시 14분 
It's currently impossible to import the stuff without a bit of work first.
You have to pre-create while in-game the item you want to import. You won't need to actually recreate it, but only so that the file you'll modify will be created.

All the files/characters/items generated by you will be in this folder :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ClaDun x2\SAVEDATA

You must NOT change any name of the files!

You can open those .dat with any simple text editor, but it will be written in rubbish.(Mostly made with japanese characters mixed with roman one (classic).

There're some exemples :
(The * represent a variable number which change when you create multiple of the same kind)
FCSVFC20* = Characters (including sub and main)
MLSV0* = Music sheets (the music created)
GMSV0* = Game advancement and data
SVITWEP0* = Seems like the custom weapon sheet data.

Importing a music sheet :
1 - Start the game.
2 - Go to the pub.
3 - Create a random music. (give it a name so you can recongnise the file with 100% error-proof)
4 - Go look in the folder mentioned earlier.
5 - Open the file .dat of your music (MLSV0*something*) Should be the last one created if you just made the "fake music" sheet.
6 - Copy/Paste the NAME of the file to the .dat file you want to import.
7 - Replace the "fake" .dat file with the one you want to import that you changed the name.

Just a quick note thought... You CAN'T import files made from the PSP version! Most of the files online, right now, are made from the PSP version. If you download a file (mostly .zip) and its content is a folder with some sv.dat and 3 other files, those are PSP versions.

We will surely need to create a new page on the Wiki with the PC version of the music sheets created as, right now, all are PSP version.
Galaxitus / Donoghu님이 마지막으로 수정; 2012년 11월 27일 오후 3시 17분
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