Magma Jan 20 @ 9:49am
No aim-down-sight toggle
Pretty damn ridiculous that there is no toggle for aiming. That is a staple of any decent PC FPS. Also, there is no separation of the sensitity when aiming down sights and looking, but I can just about play without that.

Did they not play other games and see what PC gamers might actually need? For myself and some other gamers out there, holding RMB while moving the mouse AND pushing LMB every second becomes very uncomfortable and tiring on the hand. I bet some people are fine with it, but that's exactly the point...we are all different, so there should be an option for it.

Very frustrating...the game is pretty good, but I cannot play with this. Playing with my XBOX controller is no solution. I don't want to play with that. I have a gaming PC for a reason.

Argh. I don't understand how this sort of thing STILL happens with modern PC ports. The days of ♥♥♥♥ porting should be over by now.
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Marbatico(nl) Jan 21 @ 5:30am 
i never use locked aiming on PC, i think it's rather anoying that i have to keep clicking my right mouse button all the time. the devs probably thought the same thing.

also, the days of porting have probably just begun friend.
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his1nightmare Jan 21 @ 6:39am 
Originally posted by Magma:
That is a staple of any decent PC FPS.

Magma Jan 22 @ 8:32am 
Originally posted by his1nightmare:
Originally posted by Magma:
That is a staple of any decent PC FPS.


Way to explain your point.
Sikboy1029 Jul 2 @ 11:07am 
All you cam do is use an autohotkey script, this ought to do it

If NotPushed := Not NotPushed
Send {RButton Down}
Send {RButton Up}
mastabruce68 Jul 4 @ 7:59am 
is your finger broke to where you can't hit a mouse button?
Sikboy1029 Jul 7 @ 7:39am 
Different people have different preferences. Also, that script doesn't work hell with Gunslinger for some reason...
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