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Jammie Dodger 2012. nov. 17. @ du. 9:27
Invisible characters?
The game installs quickly and runs fine and all, but whenever I play, I can't see any characters or NPCs(yet I can still control my guy and move around the map). Is this an issue that's happened to anyone? Any ideas on how to fix?
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Postius 2012. nov. 18. @ de. 5:50 
screenshot says more. And you are sure the game is started?
Reel18k {God's Chosen One} 2012. nov. 18. @ de. 8:56 
I've never heard of this problem before... Sorry.
Wolpentiger 2012. nov. 19. @ de. 9:54 
it also happens to me everyone is a black rectangle. help!
Postius 2012. nov. 19. @ de. 10:08 
Install all your drivers. YOu may have missed a couple.
Jammie Dodger 2012. nov. 19. @ du. 3:26 
Postius eredeti hozzászólása:
Install all your drivers. YOu may have missed a couple.
Yeah, I think that might have been my issue. Unfortunately, it was very late when I tried playing it and now the Free Weekend has passed :/ I would hate to buy the game now and have it be buggy.
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