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The Showdown Effect: All purpose guide
by Miffroon
Updated: Guide is now complete, please take a view of it. This guide intends to cover various aspects from the game including weapons, characters and map tours....
How to Effectively Showdown
by Raijinken
A guide summarizing all of the current weapons, characters, mechanics, and arenas. Recommended for new to intermediate players....
Tips For Beginners! #1 [VIDEO]
by Dobrein
Some tips for Novices and may be "Old" players :)...
Hank Stream, how to KIA (kill in action)
by kuko
Your family was kidnapped and you have only 24 hours to find them, but you don't know how? We will help you! Just send an SMS to number 4444 with HELP text. Or just read the guide....
'Grace of Swan' Mr Shur Fu |UPDATED|
by Skyver
This is Mr Shur Fu's Guide I will show you what makes him so hyped and great and how to use him (WARNING) This is for intermediate and new players, old players may know everything I say. Good Day Sirs and Women...
How to AFK effectively
by SGT Marduk
How to farm AC and help another people to get achievements! :)...