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How to survive in Invasion
by Uni
You are new in the invasion mode? You want to get through all 50 waves? Then read on! It will help you! ...
Гид исследователя / All Collectibles
by PorchMonkey
Все предметы: наномашины, SECURITY-COM и торговые терминалы...
Security-Com Location Guide
by Harmless Studios (Broadcaster)
Video and time stamps of every SECURITY-ROM in Binary Domain...
Extracting music from the game
by Cra0kalo
Extract music/audio/sounds from the game files...
Binary domain walkthrough/Let's Play, enjoy!
by Zeemond
The game is underrated IMO, the humor is actualy one of the best of the latest games i played. The walkthrough will cover the whole game but not a 100% or best ending seeking completion. Blind POV of a causual Third person shooter player. ...
How to fix the gamepad issue
by kindman
this guide offers solution to the wrong-mapped-buttons-problem some gamepad may have in binary domain....