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Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in Northpoint hell shrines locations
by Maddoxx
Hell Shrines are a collectible in the 'Nightmare in North Point' DLC for Sleeping Dogs. There are 10 hell shrines for Wei Shen to pray at. Praying at all 10 shrines will reward the player with the 'Hell Money' achievement....
Пасхалки в Sleeping Dogs
by Retroman
Пасхалки в Sleeping Dogs Помогите автору ролика. Поставьте лайк и пройдите по ссылке ниже подпишитесь на канал.
[RUS] Гайд по достижениям (Sleeping Dogs)
by Gr[1]m
[RUS] Как пройти Sleeping Dogs на 100% и получить все 59 ачивментов + 2 сюжетных DLC
by Drunken Panda :D
Абсолютно ВСЁ что нужно для 100% + Гайд по достижениям....
Sleeping Dogs Safehouse Upgrades Guide
by Saladofstones
Sleeping Dogs has a ton of collectible items to discover, most of which, thankfully, can be seen on the map. However finding upgrades for your safehouse is a bit trickier since the vendors are unmarked and are spread all over the map. Although the upgrade...
Locations and Secrets
by LuMooo
this guide describes the locations of - Lockboxes - Health Shrine's - CCtv Camera's - Jade Statues - Furniture v1.0 locations and images of all known objects v1.1 added furniture on several locations + zodiac tournament dlc v1.2 Added all know...
Triad Xp Tips and Tricks
by *VictorFrankenstein*
After having played Sleeping Dogs for hours, I realized one terrible thing: It is really hard to get to Triad Level 10 by the end of the story, without DLC or some prior knowledge. The "Low Violence" Version of the game, which I have to play makes it e...
Girlfriends and Rewards
by System 32
A guide showing all the girlfriends you can date and the rewards you get....
Sleeping Dogs: Safe Driver Achievement
by Instinct
Sleeping Dogs Safe Driver Achievement. If getting this achivement wasn't hard enough, I show you how to get this achievement as easy as possible. This method is a guaranteed to help you get it on your first or second try. ...
Random Event Locations
by Neidleth
Event Planner Achievement...