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popagrossman Nov 15, 2013 @ 9:19am
Achievement's :)
I wonder how you can complete the next achievement's:
1. Abundance - Reach the last influence tech on the production branch
2. Enlightenment - Reach the last influence tech on the researcher branch.
3. Diggy Diggy Hole Dig 100 000 earth blocks in custom or campaign mode. and Death on the Battlefield Kill 10 000 enemies in custom or campaign mode.- there is anywhere a counter ? or i need to dig till the achievement pop's up
4. The True Heir - Reach maximum influence
Thanks a lot!
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Damsel ✿ Feb 9 @ 6:14pm 
Sadly there is no counter, you just have to dig and kill until you get them.

Others have suggested a means to track the progress, but seeing as the company went under over a year ago, it's not likely to see anything fixed or added.

As for the influence achievements. There are lots of complaints about them not working. In one of the many topics in this discussion area (when Zeal was still in business) one of the developers said it was about obtaining all the influence in the game and completing ALL the Kings Goal (3 per map). But for many players (myself included) after finishing some of the maps the goals were not showing as completed on the Progress screen, but in the level all goals were finished. Some have suggested you had to complete ALL of the kings goals in one session to have them all check off. Unfortunately i never saw anyone verify this.
popagrossman Feb 10 @ 1:51am 
From what ive saw on some forums the project was "abandoned" :( so no more updates and stuff
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