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Off-Road Drive - Русификатор
by |Fioh| BiOS
Unlock all vehicles and locations
by Aws
If you want to enjoy the races at your own pace instead of rushing to unlock content, here's an easy way to get everything unlocked. This is probably a bad idea if you actually enjoy the pressure of competition....
How to successfully set up multiplayer matches
by tonire
Learn how to setup multiplayer matches....
How to successfully create and join a multiplayer game session
by Showgunn84
I made this guide to help out the people who wish to play mp that are having problems. ...
Traducción ESP 100% Off-Road Drive
by WolfBelmi88
Con esto, podrás tener tu juego completamente, en español....
How to remove intro movies
by -=Ðﮐ=- Kid
I dont think i have ever played a game with so many intro movies. I think u have to cancel like 5 of them lol. Now you can go straight to your main screen when load your game....