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High FPS (Competitive Tribes.ini)
by Kassthor
Improve your framerate and kill your enemies ! It gives you a better visibility and removes the 'Look, I'm shiny !' effects from your game. ----- For lazy people (Yes, I know you read it !) : Minimalist Tribes.ini...
The Juggernaut's do's and don't's.
by Fancyneer
This here guide will follow you through the basics of the Heavy offense class; Juggernaut, with some tips and tricks along the way....
A Look Into : The Technician
by District
One of the more defensive roles in Tribes Ascend, the Technician bolsters the team's defense around key objectives and assets. This guide will look into how to further your skill in this role, the do's and dont's as well as situational tips....
The Doombringer (A little quick guide)
by Nein!
In this guide, I am quickly going to discribe the Doombringer, a heavy offense class. This class can be used for offense, defense and a good support. You can unlock it using 9000 XP....
Tribes Ascend: Brute Guide
by [DOT].Dreadnaught
Here is a guide I have created to show you how I play Brute, and how I would reccomend others playing, if they like it. ...
How do i tribes? (A joke guide)
by The Ass Pirate
i made this guide while waiting for far cry 3 to be done downloading and i was really fucking bored so here you go! a guide called: How do i tribes?...
INI Guide from Reddit / Tribes Community
by ||SaD||Dennis
Hello fellow Tribers. bringing you Hope in this SteamGroup :) we made so many finalized INI configs during the years, including Control optimizations. more ready to use INI in the Config Compendium found on Reddit