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Русификация Silent Hunter 3
by Semerk
Поэтапное руководство по русификации игры SIlent Hunter 3...
General Tips
by Anderson
Here are a few things to get you started in the game, concerning general facts and things useful to know in Silent Hunter III ...
Surviving The War Tips
by Woody
Some tips and information to help captains remain undetected or if that fails evade and lose contact with escorts. In my opininion this aspect of the game is far more challenging and harder to master than calculating your own firing solutions and sinki...
How to Install a Simple mod for Sh3
by Kaptain Schneider
This is a guide of how to install a mod and check out my SH3 RP Unit.
Very quick comparsion of NYGM, GWX, and LSH3 Mods
by Woody
A very quick comparison of these three mods to help anyone trying to decide which to use. I do not compare realism since it is subjective and hard to quantify. I am also only considering the mods that are downloaded with the main mod. I do not have ...