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Flickering Textures Bug
by Remy561 [NL]
How to fix the anoying flickering textures issue without losing your fps....
General Fix for BG&E
by HankHarpoon
This is a guide found here written by Craig Simms that I found helpful in getting my copy of BG&E to work. Again. Not my work, just transcribing to a steam g...
Widescreen fix for BGE
by Morente
A small guide to fix the stretched image when playing Beyond Good and Evil in a widescreen resolution....
Alpha Sections Elimination Directives
by clonegunner237
A short guide on how to deal with the Alpha Sections' various forces. Direct boss fights, such as General Kheck and his ship, will not be included in this guide....
Beyond Good & Evil Walkthrough
by Blood-Brain