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Meleeing in Darkest Hour
by PFC Ryan [29ID]
Having to use the Melee attack in Darkest Hour is one of the rarest things that can occur during during play. There are however, especially in scrims, situations where you may want to be quiet, find yourself with an empty magazine, or may want to humiliat...
Angling your Armour in Darkest Hour RealPanzer
by {RP}Alan
This is a guide to angling your tanks armour in Darkest Hour RealPanzer to offer the best chance of defeating an incoming anti tank round and also destroying your opponents tank as effectively as possible....
Darkest Hour Mortar Guide
by MeFirst
Hello everyone, this is just a small, short and hopefully easy to understand guide how to simply use mortars in Darkest Hour....
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Realism Tactics & Strategy - Recon
by The Hound
This is a guide i created for conducting recon operations in a realism match, it is based upon my experiences and opinions. Feel free to critique it....
Combat engineer guide
by Janicki
Basics of CE and AT classes in darkest hour...
by Ren Hoek Rus
Для Русских. Управление(только). Кракозябры. Чёрточки....
독일군 신참 전차 승무원들을 위한 가이드
by ROK-Lonewolf