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PurpleWhiteJade 2012年12月30日 14時06分
Lots of black screens
Very weird, but i got a lot of black screens (frozen game) and i have to start all over again.
my computer runs Far Cry 3, so why not a simple game as Jack Keane?

further, i love the game the humor and its monkey island theme. har har har.
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Rammur 2013年1月4日 20時51分 
yeah not really your fault our their fault these games are getting outdates and the current gaming rigs are not compatible with alot of the old games that have little to no support anymore.
PurpleWhiteJade 2013年1月5日 2時43分 
aah, i didn't know it was already that old. but yeah, i'll just restart it everytime, want to play it anyways.
jjvkawaman 2013年5月18日 1時00分 
I can't even start the game before it freezes. No error message, just black screen(with Intel GMA 3100 or Nvidia 8600GT).
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