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Red Faction Guerilla Story "Collectables" Achievements Guide
By Beardicus
This is a simple guide for all of the "do x of y" story-based achievements (otherwise known as collectibles) for both the main story and Demon of the Badlands DLC mission for Red Faction Guerilla.

Information taken from http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/red-faction-guerilla/guide/ and http://www.eurogamer.de/articles/red-faction-guerilla-komplettlosung-tipps-and-losung?page=26
In this guide I'll give you some tips on how to complete the "Clean and Righteous!", "Lost Memories", "Working the Land", "Free Your Mind", "Broken Supply Line", "Tank Buster", "Coming Down!", and "Freed Space" achievements in the main storyline and "Structural Integrity", "Ares' Bloodlust", and the "Power of One" achievements in the Demons of the Badlands story DLC.
Clean and Righteous
"Destroy 5 High Importance targets."

This is a fairly simple achievement and all you have to do is destroy any High Importance targets that are in the game (they're marked with a blue hexagon icon that has a triangle and star inside it, see attached image for reference.). I recommend you have at least a rocket launcher and a good amount of charges to compliment your hammer before trying to destroy one as the EDF will come down on you HARD as soon as you even so much as go near the target.

Lost Memories
"Locate all missing radio tags."

This one is a cut-and-dry "find x amount of y" object achievement. There are thirty six of them scattered throughout the game world and will show up on your minimap as a green dot and on the screen as an orange ball that's usually on top of a skeleton. A simple way to do this is to check your progress with this achievement using the Guerilla Handbook and cross-refrence any names in the list with ones you don't have and then search the internet for the specific location to that tag. (As noted in the Badlands map there is a tag in the Marauder Base/Safehouse in the Irradiated Zone)

2.Ammon Hughes
3.Capt. Deron Kasabian
4.Chardon Malloy
5.Col. Arva Frost
6.Col. Gary Hobbes
7.Cpl. Aran North
8.Delfina Pagani
9.Dr. Gerardo Ybarra
10.Dr. Kristen Pahlke
11.Dr. Patricia Coburn
12.Dr. Wiley Newell
13.Felicia Lu
14.Hali Edison
15.Ian Darrow
16.Inigo Torres
17.Isondo Barnes
18.Jed Bartosz
19.Jengo Lee
20.Jordan Mercier
21.Jorge Basurto
22.Lt. Jan Akkerman
23.Lt. Col. Michael Sokolov
24.Maj. Tahira Nagi.
25.Megan Stavros
26.Nariko Mori
27.Olin Solberg
28.Rev. Winslow Croft
29.Riley Gibson
30.Ripley Cline
31.Sgt. Gil Travers
32.Sgt. Stanislav Jankovic
34.Teja Osborne
35.Tibor Jones
36.William Mad.dox
Working the Land
"Mine all ore locations."

This one is sort of a doozy. You have to mine ALL 300 hundred ore locations that are in the game. Each ore location will show up as a dark purple dot on the minimap. The best way to do this is to either hit the ore with your hammer or a big truck until the red ore crystal pops out. Each crystal will give you 5 salvage, 6 salvage with the ore addative upgrade, and there two per ore location for a total of 3000 salvage when done without the upgrade or 3600 with the upgrade when all of the locations are mined (assuming you actually pick up the crystal). I also recommend flattening the ore location so you know you have completed mining that location and don't have to whack the ground over and over to finish it.

Free Your Mind
"Destroy all instances of propaganda."

This one is fairly simple. Just destroy all 50 instances of propaganda in the game. There are two types of propaganda: one that's on a big pole and can be easily destroyed with a vehicle ram or a liberal application of hammer, and the other is sort of a billboard built into the terrain itself and is most easily destroyed with either a rocket launcher or the nano rifle and BOTH panels have to be destroyed for this second type to be considered destroyed.

Broken Supply Line
"Destroy 250 EDF supply crates."

This one is also fairly easy since wherever you find an EDF soldier or building, you'll most likely find at least two or three of these crates. All you have to do is blow up the crate enough or hit it with a hammer enough until the notification pops up that you destroyed a crate, but just to be safe I recommend completely flattening it.

Tank Buster
"Blow up 100 small hydrogen tanks."

This one is also really simple as most of the hydrogen tanks are either found in or near most buildings in the game, and there are way more than just 100. Simply shoot the tank once or twice with any weapon and it'll blow up.

Coming Down!
"Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings."

This one is also incredibly easy as well. Just destroy any Medium Importance (marked with a blue hexagon with a star in the middle) or High Importance (marked with a blue hexagon and a triangle and star in the middle) targets along with any buildings that are marked in RED on your minimap. Most of the red buildings are small things like checkpoint huts or small offices or bunkers, but the Medium Importance Targets are usually large barracks and the High Importance targets are things like large bridges or very large towers or structures inside EDF bases. Any building can be destroyed with a hammer, explosive, or vehicle but I recommend using an explosive or nano rifle as this can bring the building down faster since the EDF doesn't like you destroying their houses.

Freed Space
"Destroy 50 EDF flyers."

This one is fairly simple: shoot down the flying thing. The easiest way to do this is use the fully upgraded nano rifle as it only takes two hits to destroy the flyer (one if you hit any of the four stabilizer fins on it), although turrets or rockets work if you can hit them. The easiest way to get the flyers to spawn are to go to your nearest EDF base or checkpoint and just start shooting until the flyers spawn and you hear (and feel) them coming and shooting at you.

Structural Integrity
"Destroy all Medium and High Priority Targets in Mariner Valley."

This one is a lot like "Coming Down!" and "Clean and Righteous": just blow up all the Medium Importance (marked with a blue hexagon with a star in the middle) and High Importance (marked with a blue hexagon with a triangle and star in the middle) targets on the map. Again using explosives or a vehicle is the easiest way of doing this as the EDF will start trying to kill you as soon as you come near any of the targets.

Ares' Bloodlust
"Destroy the 4 Marauder War Totems."

Simply find each of the four totems and hit them with a hammer until they fall over, although you may need to use the Gauss or Super Gauss rifle (or a rocket launcher if you can hit the damn thing) as they may be out of walking or driving distance.
Power of One
"Collect 75 Marauder Power Cells."

All you have to do to pick up the cell is walk over it. There are more than 75 of them in the game so don't worry if you can't reach one due to bad level design, just move on to the next one. They are either found near, inside, or on top of a building or just laying on the ground in the open.

Map Guide
I also added in maps for each major sector for the locations of the ore, crates, propaganda, and radio tags, and in the instance of the Demons of the Badlands story DLC the War Totems and Power Cells. With the crates there are usually two to five crates at each crate location on the map, but with the other collectibles there is just one collectible per dot. You also may want to have the jetpack unlocked and fully upgraded as it can make getting to the collectible a bit easier, and you unlock it after liberating Oasis and you buy/upgrade it at the upgrade table in any safehouse.

Blue = Radio Tags
Green = Ore
Red = propaganda
Orange = Crates
Parker Collectibles
Dust Collectibles
Badlands Collectibles

There is also a radio tag in the Marauder Base/Safehouse that is in the Irradiated Zone as well.
Oasis Collectibles
Eos 1 Collectibles
Eos 2 Collectibles
Freefire Zone Collectibles
Mount Vogel Collectibles
Demons of the Badlands/Mariner Valley Collectibles
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Dust map is cropped on the top and does not show the last radio tag
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Why couldn't you just place a little number from your list to mark names of the goodamn radio tags? Jeez.... All RFG guides are so dumb and useless
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Could you post the Guide to Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Guide?
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Any idea how to achieve the "Revolutionary" achievement ? I did for like 101 guerrilla actions and still no achievement :l