Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Greenlight stopt ermee. Meer informatie over het inzenden van spellen op Steam vind je nu in deze blogpost.
The building of buildings and a few other questions.
I just discovered this game through the Greenlight and the videos and info made me interested, but left me with some questions.

  • Is the “Pop into existence” thing another placeholder or is that an design decision?

  • Can you use the landers legs to scuttle across the surface like big yellow nightmare crab of doom or are they just shock absorbers? (Asking because of the hydraulics and the mental image that has given me a big goofy smile...)

  • Any plans to allow an alternative enemy look that keeps the placeholder graphic? I'm a Pyramid Scheme fan and (the I presume) alien Von Neumann machines that look like black geometric shapes made my day.

  • What are the materials you mine? I don't want a list, but I'm curious if you're aiming for realistic materials (Iron, titanium, noble gasses...) or some sort of fictional super-material?

  • Is there one asteroid or many (that the game takes place on)? And if the answer is many, can you fly between them or do they act as levels?

  • Can you achieve escape-velocity?

Hoping for answers!
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PixelFoundry  [ontwikkelaar] 29 sep 2012 om 5:47 

The pop into existence thing is indeed placeholder. Buildings are built at your support vessel nearby and transported to the surface by your drop ship.

Scuttling lander. We've talked about this many times and laughed about how cool that would be. We cant find any functional reason to do it but maybe the coolness is reason enough.

We seem to be getting a lot of requests to keep the little boxes. Were considering having them as some form of unlock or alternate.

The elements will be real though there may be a few new ones discovered as well.

The game is one asteroid per level.

Yes you can escape the asteroids gravity currently, but the game action is normally near to the surface.

Thanks for your interest.

will you be able to see the support vessel hovering in the background at some points, and the buildings leaving and travleing to the building site?
PixelFoundry  [ontwikkelaar] 29 sep 2012 om 11:49 
The drop ship will reside on the ground at your main base until it is needed for transportation. The support vessel will be visible in the distance. So you will see the transportation happen if you have time to watch it ;)
"We seem to be getting a lot of requests to keep the little boxes."

WCCS (Weighted Companion Cube Syndrome). I've seen this kind of thing once before... back at Aperture... God help us all.
Loving this game so far! Did the old Battleszone II game of yesteryear have any influence on the Action RTS style that you are going for?

Since the game is set on the debres of a blown up star... is there any chance that we will see some beatiful nebulas in the background? I would love to play a game set near something as majestic as the Orion Nebula, even without the false coloring we see in Huble space telescope pics it would be quite breathtaking.

Also I was wondering about the UI. Is it going to have an augmented vision mode that allows you to see clearer in the dark, and, perchance artificially augments those gorgious nebulas (that I hope make it in there) so that we can see them in all thier false coloring splender! And fight the enemy that much easier.
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has there been discussion of randomly generated maps/asteroids?

i remember there was this way back when called tribal trouble. it was incredibly simple, only had like 3 unit types and 3 buildings, but what was fun was that you could randomly generate a map with custom properties (how hilly is it, how many resources/trees, how large is it), and that made picking where to set up your base really important. having a high ground with choke points meant that 1 or 2 towers could hold off a small army, but you also needed to make sure that your workers could get to resources.

anyways, it was really fun because everytime it was a different game, and i was wondering if you were considering doing something like that. it would be very different/challenging considering the terraforming aspect of the game, and the aerial units as well, but it can help add new aspects and replayability to the game.
PixelFoundry  [ontwikkelaar] 8 okt 2012 om 8:30 
Thanks for the suggestions!
We are considering the possibility of procedural generation of asteroids though it is not currently our focus. Our current goal is to create hand crafted levels/asteroids that are visually stunning and meticulously tuned.
How precise will our tools for base building be? I was visuallizing a base dug deep enough that the tops of the buildings only reach half way up the hole you make for it. Then a circle of turrets laid in horizontally recessed at a small angle so that they do not shoot other towers when firing straight ahead. If the outside of your base was shaped like a volcano then you would be shooting things as they come over the edge before they can fire on you. The covering fire from the towers would be like a splash cymbal on a drum set. If something tried to attack the base coming directly down at the center it would look a neon bicycle wheel with 'spokes' of laser fire meeting at the center cylinder.
A nice addition would be a multiple asteroid generating arcade-type gamemode.
As for the little blocks that attack, they are awesome. It may not have been an active design choice, but it would be a cool addition for a new game plus mode (or DLC if that’s more your fancy)
I hope the physics engine will allow for smaller rocks to be thrown at enemy advances (player controlled meteor shower anyone?)

With 33 hours left, I hope that the kick starter has at least shown the big interest in the game!
One astroid per level? I was under the impression this was a sandbox type game where I could fly around space and mine or land on whatever I wanted. Still looks awesome though I'm just a fan of freedom hehe.
Hope there will be a sandbox of sorts
PixelFoundry  [ontwikkelaar] 30 nov 2012 om 9:22 
We are planning on some sort of free play mode.
Thanks for the answers and congratulations on making it!

I planned on saying thanks for the swift answers a looooong time ago but life got a bit hecktic and I forgot, but again thanks.
No questions for you. i just think this game is going to be AWESOME!
I like that crawling idea with the legs you could probly use a mobile or laser drill which requires you to be on the ground
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