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Early release minecraft style.
It's probably on everyone's mind, will there be an early release of the game to gain financial support?

Will the game be updated until it's decided that it's done.

If the game is successful will it be updated even after it's considered complete?

Will there be caves?

If you happen to discover a cave will hordes of gremlin like creatures flash mob out of it like angry ants if you happen to find the wrong one?

I think it should go down like this, advertise it well, because word of mouth is risky as this seems like a niche game in a way. Post the game on Steam for about 10-12 dollars, ask for donations if people like the game enough they will donate to support its further development.

I reccomend putting on a playful type of atmosphere, with a serious end towards strategy.
If you play things right you can make this game addictive and it will spread further by word of mouth.

Your game looks beautiful by the way.
Although it would look better covered in hordes of angry gremlins.

It would go something like this.

Steve: I'm beginning excavation at the site, Over.
HQ: Roger Steve you have a green light. Over and out.
Steve: [ Several minutes later] HQ this is Steve come in. Over.
HQ: Reading you Steve.
Steve: I found what seems to be a cave, it's deep and big enough that I can fly in and take a closer look and see what is inside. Over.
HQ: The ground may be unstable so use caution. Keep us posted. HQ out..
Steve: I'm entering the cave.
Steve: It's dark so I'm turning on the light.
Steve: Silence for a minute.
HQ: What?
HQ: Wait what is going on, tell us.
Steve: They're all over the walls and I need to get the hell out of here, oh god they're on the ship. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Steve: (sounds of small arms fire)
HQ: Steve, do you read me over?!
Steve: they're coming, CRACK!

Gremlins the DLC. lol