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Talisman Digital Edition
minddrifter 26 kwietnia 2013 o 8:12
Prologue vs. Digital Edition.
Will the Digital Edition include everything that is within Prologue as well? Will I still be able to play Single player and do all the quests/gain all the talismans as with Prologue?
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Nomad  [producent] 29 kwietnia 2013 o 3:37 
We're only looking at getting DE through Greenlight at the moment. We cannot package the two games together, as Steam doesn't allow it. Also, some customers don't want Prologue and therefore we don't want to force them to pay for it so both will be kept separate.
minddrifter 29 kwietnia 2013 o 7:08 
Perhaps I am confused (as I have never even heard of the board game before this) but basically Prologue is the Single Player Talisman and Digital is the Multiplayer Talisman....They are the same game...right? Nearly every game I own has a Single and Multiplayer option without me having to buy the same game twice. Could you please elaborate on this? I feel like this is more of a marketing scheme than anything...but I may be wrong.
Wild West Hero 29 kwietnia 2013 o 12:30 
I will try to help,the Proluge include a mission system so you could experience the digitalized edition in the PC,the singleplayer that is planned for the DE is a normal game just with AI,not the missions.THe missions does not exsict in the real board game.
Nomad  [producent] 30 kwietnia 2013 o 3:52 
Prologue is not something that's available in the real board game. It's a gameplay mode we designed to introduce people to the game. We're not taking anything out of the multiplayer game that should be there. Digital Edition is a replication of the actual board game.
Mysticales 1 maja 2013 o 20:15 
Prologue is great for those of us who have been wanting to play Talisman with others.. who have the entire 3rd edition board game.. but cant find someone irl to play with. The prologue helps us get our fix in. =D I know I cant wait for DE!
X-the Unknown 8 października 2013 o 2:06 
So, let me get this right the multiplayer version is going to be a race to the middle of the board for that crown of glory thing and that's all? It really needs some missions to break up the monotony of doing the same thing every time like going for that crown. I though it would be Prologue with extra players myself. That would be a better game imho. Cause there's so many missions and trying to stop others from completing there's would be the fun of it.

I'm not as excited as I once was, just playing Talisman for that stupid crown isn't going to be as much fun. Even Magic Realm had more experiences and missions than this will
Wild West Hero 13 października 2013 o 11:01 
I recommend getting the expansions they'll release if you want something to spice up the vanilla board game with ^.^
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