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Zafehouse: Diaries
Some Suggestions & Appraisal
This game has been responsible for many an hour of lost sleep. :) Thank you in advance for going through this post, it means a lot to me! :D

If there is a mode I could recommend would be a "No Relationships" mode where it does exactly that, survivors don't have relationship needs thus eliminating the need to micro-manage to ensure no side-effects of task placement etc.

It would be a gamemode focused solely on the gameplay, taking up residences, gathering supplies etc and would prove more fun. Don't get me wrong, I love the relationships and strategy of always having 2 a pair for each task, and that one single one who is the perfect scout, but there are times I would have much preferred a more relaxed approach as well...

One issue I found though is that there weren't enough food sources, playing on Road Kill I searched several stores, and even though I selected search for Food and Ingredients I kept getting weapons and the likes... I know it's a ravaged and looted world and all, but a bit more food would go a long long way.

What I'd really love to see from the game is more survivors, especially on Deadline as there are way more areas to cover than Road Kill... Also, some form of farming as a renewable source of food and certain items, mainly food. The option to build said structures in a building, using scrap metal, since it's so abundant? Also the ability to "move barricades" as often you may want to barricade a place but it doesn't have enough furniture and then you're stuck. Thinking real life, you'd be able to carry scraps of metal and wood etc for barricades from once place to another...

And I know this may not sound realistic, but I find it really helpful; Similiar to rebuild, I'd love to see a % chance of completing a set task with any issues or threat... As there are times when I will get injured etc in a fight, let's say patrolling, and I had no chance to "improve" those odds... I would for instance only send my breach team to a location after its been scouted and I got a success chance of 75% or above, meaning little to no issues... Obviously it starts on a basic %, and with item equips (per survivor please, not self managed!!) it gets better. Equipping survivors for each task, I know is a pain, but would give us more control of the group, as a leader you can do that you know... Would also ration supplies, since bullets > barbed baseball bat!

The list goes on, but those are some really great features I personally would love to see. Perhaps also have a transport item that can carry more than the survivors can, but at the cost of slowing the group's movement? Various pets that can be outfitted with carrying bags? Just backpacks for the survivors, found/crafted? Crafting would be great in fact, to be able to craft most every item you can ingame, including weapons and ammo, breaking down stuff into scrap surely was the process you had in mind to include crafting of some form, besides its use for modifying items?

Training would also be nice, to train your survivors in a certain area, or making well-rounded survivors to counter certain bad traits etc. And improved fortification of areas, adding outposts to snipe from, etc, anything to give an edge against that massive horde...

Perhaps also introduce a "cleanup neighborhood" which is a riskier longer task that either takes a few hours to complete and clears several blocks around the starting point of zombies, or is only available when you have a vehicle (safer)?

Lastly, (phew), I would love to see a more advanced save feature, as some games can get really long and I know its meant to be realistic and all, but having to restart due to one small mistake is a bit unforgiving (yes, again I know its meant to be the point) but could there perhaps be a mode that allows advanced saving, multiple slots? Perhaps add all these game modifiers in the menu of a new game, so players can select what they want, like less encounters, more food, etc. Let the players have their own world to conquer, be it a rundown warzone or a unicorn paradise.

Ehhh, promise, kinda last! Do you think you could integrate some more RPG elements, as in leveling? For each task survivors get XP, they level, you get to choose perks and stats etc... Would make me feel way closer to my survivors and offer more replayability. Would go hand-in-hand with my above suggestion for equipping each survivor separately, being able to save said survivor loadouts for certain tasks, and also since certain survivors with perks would be better suited to lets say a handgun than a rifle... Jittery hands, bad eyesight, etc! Obviously I wanna counter such bad traits, like braces or something for the first, and glasses for the latter, etc.

What about an "Underground" feature that allows for making a tunnel from one location to another, allowing for quicker access to remote places, and is of course secure without any zombie threats. Or perhaps items to increase movement speed?

Finally, I would kill to see this become at least a 2D game to actually envision everything in game, no matter the graphics, better than text-based... Real-time would make it so much more enjoyable, and a 3D version one day would just knock my socks off!!

This game has me hooked, thank you, and I will be here till the last zombie, you can count on that! ;) I will continue adding suggestions should that be acceptable? :P
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Oh, and yes, you devs are the best damn thing that has happened to Greenlight!! This is my first game I am fully endorsing and would give my spare bodily organs for!!! :tank:

Can't wait for you guys to make it big, but please, don't remember about us little guys, we do love you ya know! ^^
Thanks! There are some great suggestions here - some of them we've already been thinking about, too.

No need to give us your organs though!
Messaggio originale di Screwfly Studios:
Thanks! There are some great suggestions here - some of them we've already been thinking about, too.

No need to give us your organs though!
Hahahaha, thanks! Turns out one of them were infected anyway, so I had to have Thomas amputate! D:

You guys rock, and you have my full genuine attention! Here's to your grand steam launch coming very soon!!
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