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The Stanley Parable
Hi there, me again
Smithy the Hippie soldier here, or atleast thats what this account used to be called.

you know... the guy from this previous Stanley Parable Discussion?:

oh and im not actually the user of the account. that guy is the hospital due to gaming too much.

dont believe me? look at this link here:

anyways in a list of items he wanted to obtain before he dies, which im not certain if he will or will not die, but let's say he does, is this game as #2 on the list.

i have a total of 8 dollers and 2 cents on this steam accounts wallet, and i have multiple credit card's that i may or may not have stolen from dairy cows, but i wont rest until you sell me a copy of this game sir >:C

sincerly , :melon:
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