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UrbanWolf 11 sierpnia 2013 o 14:11
Okay, so let's be fair about this...
I'll prefix this by saying I havn't tried this game or it's beta. I'm going soely on the description and trailer seen above. If I'm getting the wrong impression from these, it's fair to say you need to re-assess your marketing.

So let's address the elephant in the room. It looks like Minecraft. You can make arguements about the gameplay or origins or whatever, but we can all agree that it *looks* like Minecraft.
So the next question is *why* does it look like Minecraft? There were no Minecraft-looking games BEFORE Minecraft, so at some point there had to have been a concious decision to MAKE it look like Minecraft. Why was that?

It's safe to assume Minecraft was a big inspiration for the game. There's a lot of teraforming, you build tools and structures, you customise your skins, take on hoards. Don't tell me it's *nothing* like Minecraft. Even if it didn't use the low-resolution block aestetic, those features alone would be enough to make a comparison.
So let us assume in the development Minecraft was your starting point. At some point before releasing the beta there must have been a desicion to *NOT* change the graphic style. In the very best case scenario, maybe you were too lazy to remove placeholders. More likely though it was a marketing decision of "People like Minecraft! They will see this and think of Minecraft! They will buy it because it looks like Minecraft!"
If it wasn't one of those two options, I'd sure like to know what it was, because you'd have to be coding with your heads burried in the sand to think no one would make the comparison.

My problem with this is when you're making a finished product, there's no set rules on what's right or wrong. The market is ultimately driven by creativity, and by going with this art style it's not only insulting the intelegence of the consumer, you're also not saying much about your own creative capabilities. And you CERTAINLY wave your rights to complain when people call your game a clone when you obviously went out of your way at *some* point to make it look like one.
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Closet Pankin 11 sierpnia 2013 o 14:26 
dorothyfan1997 11 sierpnia 2013 o 18:18 
Wow, dude. I applaud you on this. You explained you point way better than I did mine, lol.
pyhfol 13 sierpnia 2013 o 7:32 
Firstly, this: "...insulting the intelegence of the consumer..." made my day.

Secondly: Yes the game looks like Minecraft. Yes the game was inspired by Minecraft. However this game is entirely stand-alone and written from scratch. There are many similarities and many differences. The developers have not hidden this in any way, in fact you can import certain things from Minecraft into Guncraft.

In regards to your point regarding Minecraft being cloned. Minecraft was inspired by a game called Infiniminer. Again, something that the developer is happy to state.

The problem with your... 'problem' is that you don't understand inspiration.

Musicians do covers of songs and make them sound different, and this is considered a form of flattery. To have your work/art inspire someone else to create a copy of your work/art from scratch is a big thing. The world isn't copy & paste, it takes effort, time and dedication.

Next time you want to whinge about the origins of something, do some research?
UrbanWolf 13 sierpnia 2013 o 8:46 
Yes, I know my spelling isn't great :V Normally I have a spellchecker on my web browser but obviously there isn't one on Steam. Gimme a break.

The thin line between inspiration and simple ripping-off has always been hotly debated. But there IS a difference. Homage and inspiration are things like when Stephen Speilberg made the film AI in the style of his good freind Stanley Kubrick. Not a GOOD film, but he wanted to show his appreciation, copying a few of his camera techniques and making a few shy refrences.
A rip-off is when The Asylum made a straight to DVD release of their movie 'Transmorphers' about a week before Michael Bay's Transformers came out. You could make the arguement that actually the two films have very little in common. TransMORPHERS is set in a post-apocalyptic environment, TransFORMERS is set in modern day. They're both about robots and they both have 'trans' in the name. You could say it's just inspiration!

But you'd be wrong. It's conmanship at its most obvious. The fact it's not hidden doesn't distract from the point and - again - when you can make a game look like anything, why would you choose to immitate something in the mainstream? No, it's NOT to pay homage. Having a pick-axe at the top of a mountain or a small easter egg in a mineshaft is a homage. This is not that. I'm not going to say this is the greatest sin in the history of indie gaming, it's just another disapointment, in a long line of (extremely similar looking) disapointments.
pyhfol 14 sierpnia 2013 o 7:15 
Guncraft cons Minecraft cons Infiniminer etc
COD/BF cons Quake/Doom/Wolfenstein etc
Every building sim cons SimCity?

People have good ideas, other people use these good ideas to make more good ideas. Regardless whether this game is good or bad is this not just natural progression?

Opinions are just that, but tbh I dont see the crime in this case.
SinfulBehaviors 25 sierpnia 2013 o 13:16 
Well, the problem here isn't that it looks like Minecraft, it's that it's more like Minecraft with guns. Building, custom costumes, hordes of monsters, etc, it's shadily similar to minecraft, and it makes no attempt to hide it. It's even in the name! Guncraft is like a kick to the balls towards Mojang, and it looks like an attempt to cash in on the whole Minecraft bandwagon.

The biggest difference between Guncraft and a game such as Blockscape is that while Blockscape innovates upon Minecraft's concept with slopes and such, Guncraft slaps battlefield onto Minecraft and sells it for 15 bucks. It'd be like taking Dungeons and Dragons, giving it explosions, and calling it Dynamite and Dragons. It's blatant and rather ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Now, Guncraft may be a good game, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it's just cashing in on BOTH the FPS craze, and the Minecraft craze. My biggest problem is why are games like Leisure Suit Larry, Dragons Lair (both remakes) and Guncraft released already, while games like Routine, The Forest, and The Novelist are still waiting on Greenlight?
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