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Guncraft is in the Groupees Be Mine Bundle 8!

Awesome! I bought the bundle a few days ago, glad to get Guncraft as well! Will we get steam keys when it's greenlit?
Última edição por Darknuke; 22/mai/2013 às 10:39
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Nari 21/mai/2013 às 10:52 
Like previous Groupees bundles, if this game is greenlight they will grant you a key on your profile page there.

Given how this fills the void that ace of spades spectacularly failed to do so with, I suspect we won't have to wait long.
Darknuke  [desenvolvedor(a)] 22/mai/2013 às 10:40 
Yes, you'll get Steam keys for sure.
aviioc 23/mai/2013 às 12:34 
Come for the blood bowl, stay for the guncraft xD
Follower 27/mai/2013 às 11:26 
Is this a key to the open beta or the pre-order (or something else)?
Rantis  [desenvolvedor(a)] 27/mai/2013 às 23:32 
@Follower it's a preorder key meaning that if you register an account with it (or upgrade one with it) your account will continue to work after the game is officially released
Follower 28/mai/2013 às 7:17 
@EGSRantis Purchased and recommended to my friends. Thank you!
sooperfizzy 3/jun/2013 às 8:06 
Just got it, my kid loves it. Needs a Dutch translation though...I am willing to spend some time on that.
Syrsly - Twitch 4/jun/2013 às 18:43 
This Groupees bundle is great even if you don't get Guncraft, because it has Fairy Bloom Freesia. That said, Guncraft is looking excellent. I only voted no on its Greenlight page because it asks if I would buy it on Steam. Sorry, but I am an honest voter and have to take the question literally.
Tiger Mafia 2/jul/2013 às 18:23 
Nari, we are brothers.
Fudder-Muker 13/jul/2013 às 3:36 
Escrito originalmente por Darknuke:
Yes, you'll get Steam keys for sure.

FYI, Still waiting on mine...
HomerJay 24/jul/2013 às 5:05 
Hey Darknuke, i bought Guncraft with the Groupees bundle and tried to activate it today and Desura says that the Guncraft Key is not redeemable on Desura. But it's a Desura key. What did i wrong?
Fudder-Muker 9/ago/2013 às 19:43 
Still waiting for my key to show up in the groupees page...
dolci 9/ago/2013 às 19:52 
Still waiting(
Katphood 10/ago/2013 às 3:13 
I also got the game on the Be Mine 8 Bundle. Still waiting for the steam key though.
Leon Belmont 10/ago/2013 às 15:07 
I'm still waiting mine!
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