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Shiri 18.7.2013 kello 11.51
Platform F2P ? No! Its PAY (monthly) and PLAY FULL GAME or PLAY ONLY DEMO!!!!
This game is realy good, but if u don't buy membership, game is like DEMO! Hosting server only for Membership? ok, no problem... But player can't earn money for game? its realy bad! I think if caught animal can you sell and player can earn money for hunting to buy licences, weapons.... I think when guest can earn money from playing the game, theHunter would attract more players.. The final point : if in the game you can earn money from hunting, this game will be awsome! Whats your opinion?
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Rosta 18.7.2013 kello 11.56 
Totally agree.
FubyDoo 18.7.2013 kello 14.29 
Would be nice for a money incentive and they do have that with challenges that competes players with one another. One part of the PAY thing, you keep everything you have purchased even when your membership becomes overdue.. . Once you purchase that crossbow you have always wanted..you always own that crossbow. etc. etc.

The statistics on your lifelong hunts is fantastic and can be followed by your friends for those competitive types.. nice boone and crockett scoring system.

Honestly, I hate games that keep a pay system in place but it is no difference than any game that releases DLC. I have ignored just about all Pay to play games except this one. The free play with mule deer is all you really have to do if money bothers you. You will enjoy plenty of hunts with that alone. The rest is in how much you care for hunting and the game. With multiplayer added, a few of us enjoy the day hunts while chatting on teamspeak.. it's a beautiful game with the best forest in the gaming community imo.. Well worth the play time and additions.. just fantastic..

The FOX has been added on 7-18-13 and a new .223 rifle as well. Now that will cost you around 10 bucks(just like any new DLC) to hunt it though.. you need a .223 rifle and scope is usually a good suggestion. The rifle can also be used on coyote, turkey and roe deer.

It just keeps getting better and better... Moose,Bear,Elk, red deer, roe deer, whitetail, blacktail, wild boar, ferral hogs, turkey, pheasant..and those pesty coyotes.. I probably missed something.. it's great immersion and best hunting game out there period.
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Sekis 18.7.2013 kello 15.30 
Shiri is right.. Premium is OK.. but when I buy premium for 14.99$ and can't shoot 80% animals? its bad.. In game should be premium or making purchases for Items. Not both
Or just making money (em$) in-game. I mean you can sell skin, horns, meat at least for a small price
Drakuta 22.7.2013 kello 7.19 
guys seriously $59.99 trailrunner membership is very very cheap for a whole year plus loads of weapons and license to hunt all the species and $44.99 for a normal 12 month membership is also very cheap imo once you pay that you have a whole year to save up those money again for another full year it's totally worth the money.
Slazia 22.7.2013 kello 23.38 
Agreed. The payment scheme is similar to other f2p games. You can play for free, you have islands to hunt on and deer to kill. The extra features are premium - hosting multiplayer, the different animals ect. If you have no money you can still enjoy it, but you get more out of the game if you can pay.
u can play it for free full game , i did so before i started paying.
what u do is you enter competitions for the mule deer wich you are allowed to hunt with a free account , most comps give ingame currency as rewards for the best 3 or special feats like taking one down from over 120m with this ingame currency you can buy licenses for the other area's hunt those animals , enter those comp's rinse and repeat.
but i geuss shiri played it for about 10-20 min and never even looked at the competitions.
i own every gun in the game and i bought 2 of them the rest i earned with competions.
Meta 30.7.2013 kello 15.21 
T Dlugo 31.7.2013 kello 12.55 
i agree i tried to earn money and never got it still good tho
nono 9.8.2013 kello 14.00 
agree too
Im'ShoT 13.8.2013 kello 16.18 
just buy the game its worth it dont be so damn cheap lol
Shiri 13.8.2013 kello 18.45 
I buy it if its Pay to play .. but its pay monthly (and only for permit)... and pay more for a gun and other.. so it only FREE to TRY not FREE to PLAY ... so its my opinion...
Indeed its all the truth, but anyways, this game rocks.
Towe1ey 20.8.2013 kello 9.18 
If you think about it, this game is actually quite cheap. You never payed to physically have the game, like most that can run you in and around 60 dollars. Instead, you downloaded the game for free, and payed 15 bucks to have access to all the hunting areas and licenses. I've got pretty much everything I need to hunt in this game and in total I've only actually spent, 26 dollars. I actually don't mind that you have to pay for a subscription because the game is constantly being updated with new and exciting things, so it's worth it. Best hunting game ever. Period.
Zgon 20.8.2013 kello 10.19 
You can win competitions and earn virtual money, so its like when you'll try really hard you will get your paid for hunting. You can also do surveys or other stuff, I've earned about 700em$ on that.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Zgon; 20.8.2013 kello 10.21
This is the first game I ever took away my vote from. I voted for this when it first showed up, but it seems like you can't even see the pricing structure they have going on with out creating an account on thier site.

I have no problem at all with F2P games with premium subs or cash shops as long as they are upfront about it, which this games developers are not, as no matter what pricing info they have locked away in thier site, the Steam Greenlight decription mentions nothing about it and should be changed or just removed from Greenlight altogether.
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