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Eador. Masters of the Broken World
phasetran 3. feb 2013 kl. 9:44
Eador Masters of the Broken World sequel to Eador - Genesis ?
I am currently playing Eador – Genesis and have really enjoyed it up until recently. This game is the closest to a spiritual successor to Master of Magic that I have found. The idea of many generated maps with the shard world idea is brilliant.

Anyway, so if the next Eador is a true sequel I have some concerns about issues from the first game that I hope will be resolved before the next one comes out.

Auto battles:
I have counted and measured the computer’s rating of the fight such as “The enemy is doomed, They have no chance, I could win without casualties” etc. I have found there is no consistency and kept loosing units on what should have been a clear sweeping victory. I am hoping this will get resolved as fighting the same battles over and over again for low level units gets really boring after awhile. The high level fights I do not mind as they have lots of abilities and powers that change during the battle.

Super stacks of doom:
This is a common design problem in many games where you get a high level super group of units. When you first encounter them you lose the battle and cripple them some. That unit group quickly falls back, reinforces quickly due to few losses. Unfortunately the units you have lost start over at level one except the hero. So you rush around exploring, doing monster caves etc trying to get leveled up. During that same time the stack doom moves about the map taking more of your land and getting more powerful in the process. How do you plan on keeping this from getting out of control and becoming a no win situation?

If there is any assurance that the above is resolved for Eador - Masters of the Broken World then it will be a day one purchase for me and something I can highly recommend to others.