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UnderHell Review
As Steam wont let me make a part about UnderHell in the collection bit above, I will do it down here.
UnderHell: UnderHell is a amazing mod. It has exelent textures, sound effects and mechanics. All of this really does push the Source engine to its limits. Stuff like a full power kick instead of melee, leaning, sights, free aim. And thats only the Prologue. In the First Chapter tehy want to include more stuff like a none overlay sniper scope (One that doesn't have the black edge around the scope) randomization for events, partols, and even AI behavior, what guns are in armourys, the amount of ammo that can be found. And yes it has those long loading times for the Prologue, but when chapter 1 comes out, there will less because at the moment they are working with Source SDK 2006, not the 2007 version. There is also a stamina system with health and bleeding, so that if your shot, you dont just recieve damage straight away, but you bleed out slowly. But if your stamina is high enough the bleeding will stop. Your stamina is determined by eating food and drinks. So stuff like energy drinks, crisps, and a whole load of other things There are also medic kits (rare), bandages (occasional). The game also has a house system, where you can learn about Jake (the main character) and his wife, and how she died. It has a very eerie music, which suits the feeling because his wife killed herself in the house. The house has numerous puzzles, and also dreams which can be played through. There is a interactive computer which recieves emails, a mail box, and a phone. All of this is optional. This is all extra content which doesn't need to be played to complete the game, but if you want to know more about Jakes wife, back story, and personality as a whole, you will probably play through the house. It is all together a survival shooter, instead of a straight of cutscene every 2 minutes affair. This game is like Crysis and F.E.A.R got married and had a child. And yes the graphics are still a bit behind recent shooters, but even the source engine has its limits. All in all this is excelent game so far, and when I say 'so far' I say that because this is released in episodes, and the 1st chapter has been in production for nearly a year and a half. That means we have something to look forwards for 2013. I hope Mxthe and the team take their time and rush it, because as everyone else (at least I hope I am not the only one thinking this :P) I dont want a buggy first chapter that has had many features excluded because they are aiming for a unlikely present. I also forgot to say tow things. Firstly the Prologue is already out, and secondly the Prologue will have the new features put in as a extra with the First Chapter. And also with the First Chapter comes a new house with new puzzles and things to do, and this is the same for all the chapters. Each one will get a new version of the house. The dreams will also change. So all together I would say once again Mxthe and the team are working like crazy to bring us a excelent mod of the standerd of a AAA company. I hope they do well and move on to work for companys and become well known.
I was going to make this part of collection, but Steam wasn't allowing me to edit the collection. Oh well.
But if you do want to check my collection out, its called Good Free Games.

Good Things
Extra Content
New Effects, Textures, Sound Effects
Voice Acting
More Stuff to look wait for

Bad Stuff
Long loading times
Slightly behind current games graphics (doesn't bother me)
Too much ammo in the prologue
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No offense
This review is full of ♥♥♥♥
But one of the most WTF thoughts were when you written "It's like Crysis and FEAR married"
In addition
You have reviewed already prepared SMOD game
There are many of them based on the same source code
Mxthe and Charly created their own source code so that means that when Chapter 1 will be released, it will be completely different
Buts its true, you have choice on how you play, but you also soon have survival features. One is from each game. And also, this game is UNIQUE. Thats why I did a mini review thing, because its unique and is the bar of standard for any ambitious mod team/modders. Its got stuff that most mods dont contain. Things like reflections, free aim (Insurgence has this, but thats the only notable mod with free aim.) and also I am aware of the fact it will be released with the new features, I read the ModDB page, and their own page, this page, and so I am probably well enough informed to do a mini review. And at the end I do mention that the prologue will have the new features, and thats only what its in so far.
Последний раз отредактировано 『 CryO+ 』Masser; 10 дек. 2012 в 10:21
Most of the mods don't have those features?
Are you serious?
Underhell Prologue source code is TAKEN FROM ANOTHER SMOD
And I have no idea how you can make REVIEW on something that wasn't released yet
In addition
You listed features that:
1) a lot of other mods have
2) that are NOT unique (judging by abilities of source engine)
3) that were not featured in a current public existing version of Underhell

Yeah, though i was reviewing what had been released in trailers and videos. And also, I did say that those things weren't from the prologue. Lots of reviews for games do this, they say this free DLC is coming out, and it has this, that and whatever. And list me 5 mods that have those features. ALL of them, not one, but all of them.
I'm gonna have to agree with Dr Tommorrow on this one
Cool to see a review for this mod though
Reviewing based on videos... lol.
I got a problem with this review, while agreeing with Tomorrow. Bad things: Too much ammo in prologue is not actually a bad thing as long as it stays off chapter 1. It's just a prologue and you're shooting a bunch of terrorists in the face. There is no survival/Horror/Stealth aspects on that level so it shouldn't actually matter. :sticky::spycon:
I've actually played the game but I feel it would be wrong to review what is now considered "unfinished". To prove if anyone else here has played it who remebers at the start in the front of the building where you must snipe to protect an escaping civillain?
The only thing that can be reviewed about Underhell, is the storyline, not the mod aspects or mechanics (because there are basically none of them in Prologue...)
Автор сообщения: FL:RP Dr Tomorrow
The only thing that can be reviewed about Underhell, is the storyline, not the mod aspects or mechanics (because there are basically none of them in Prologue...)
Well, besides a dynamic scare system, that's a bit unique. Considering all the mainstream games out there claim to do the same thing but wind up making it loop scares, pretending we don't notice. So in this case, Dynamic Scares are really unique.
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