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More_Badass 29 AGO 2013 a las 10:20
Alpha Impressions with BRO-tastic GIFs
Broforce is not the most sophisticated game. A story is non-existent and there's not much motivation beyond rescue the hostages and kill the bad guys. But that's not much of a negative at all, because the gameplay blows away any wishes for a story or deeper motives. Broforce set out to be an ode to 80's and 90's action movies, the Expendables in video game form, and it succeeds on every possible level.

The biggest selling point is the characters, all pixel-art parodies of 80's and 90's action movie heroes. Rambo, Commando, Walker Texas Ranger, Snake Plissken, John McClane, The Terminator, Judge Dredd, and more are available to play as and each with their own unique weapon and secondary explosive. You start each level off as a random hero and can switch to another by rescuing hostages, similar to the weapon swapping mechanic in IOS/PC game Super Crate Box.

Each level is a fully destructible playground filled with explosive barrels, propane canisters, and many many enemies ranging from simple goons to suicide bombers to guard dogs and mini-gun wielding mini-bosses. The stylized graphics are nicely detailed, with blood, dirt, smoke, and fire flying with every explosion. The destructible environments adds an layer of depth, allowing you to tunnel beneath enemies to flank them or collapse the ground under their feet or crush them beneath trucks and heavy debris. All those tricks and fast reflexes will be needed because the game is not easy. You die in one hit.

Broforce supports two player local co-op, allowing for double the chaos onscreen. Right now, only a free "Brototype" is available here, playable in a browser or as a download; this isn't a short demo but a fully featured version of the game with the latest updates. The lowest pre-order tier is $10. With even more characters, more environments (space, steampunk, city), a level editor, a fort creator mode, online multiplayer, and more coming in later updates, Broforce is shaping up to be an action arcade shooter to be remembered.
So I've been playing for like three hours now, turns out Indy had already been added (with a whip that acts as a grapple hook) and even better, Ash is the game, complete with chainsaw

I think the little details really add personality to the game. For example, if you die around guard dogs, when you return to that spot as a new character, you'll see the dogs feasting on your corpse.

Or how each character plays differently. Macgvyer is all about explosives. Agent J (Bro in Black!) and McClane can stun enemies with a neuralizer or flashbang, respectively. Indy has his grapple hook. Blade is all about melee. Terminator has a minigun with crazy recoil so you have to plan for that.

Or how there's a rudimentary line-of-sight/stealth system. Enemies are attracted to noise and will investigate. You cause distractions and flank, take out a few enemies with silent melee strikes, lure them into traps.

And some bloody explosive GIFs
Plissken - http://i.imgflip.com/39v41.gif

Dredd - http://i.imgflip.com/39v5a.gif

Macgyver - http://i.imgflip.com/39v6c.gif

Terminator - http://i.imgflip.com/39v1g.gif

Robocop - http://i.imgflip.com/39v2k.gif
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