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Avoid like the plague if you want a free manga based game.
So i spent around 15 minutes in the henir time dungeon thing and i managed to get to the extra boss just before the checkpoint with a team of 4 people, after spending around 10 minutes getting the boss down to its final points of health we managed to defeat it..then my game crashes.

This isn't the first time my game has crashed, i joined the game 2 days ago so far my game has crashed 5 times in henirs time dungeon, and i have crashed more than 8 times in normal dungeons. I didn't really care for the normal dungeons because i could just keep the items i picked up inside anyway even if i did crash. But when i did a very hard level dungeon i managed to get through it, got the items from the item screen....but not the reward for doing the dungeon.

I decided to complain about both these problems, crashing randomly and not receiving the rewards. I basically type that i did not receive my items and i want them, perhaps tell me why i keep on crashing. I know that my game crashes because my internet keeps canceling out, it only happens on Elsword though, not on any other game.

They simply reply that they cannot give me my items because it would be unfair on other players. Excuse me? Unfair? They basically just said it would be unfair on the players that completed the dungeon, yet i had completed it. How does that work?

And their reply on the crashing...."Due to the weekend many players will be trying to connect and you may be crashing due to that, try restarting your internet" Yet somehow just yesterday i went to crikens world of warcraft stampede with nearly 1000 other people within the same world as me, and i did not crash a single time, sure it lagged a lot but the internet kept up with it all anyway. I'm pretty sure that a game with a tiny amount of players is meant to be more stable than one with 1000 players in one zone, yet they still blame it on me.

After this i rate the survey horrid for all of them and make a new ticket saying that they did not solve the problem and i want to talk to a human....they just spam the same thing again...Because they value you so much they will spam the same thing twice and ask for 2 dollars for a haircut.

If you want a manga themed fighting fantasy game, go play Grand Fantasia, you can atleast make more than 3 premade characters that you cannot change unless you pay money, plus it's 3D. Sure you have to pay money at some parts but that's optional, while in Elsword you HAVE to pay or you can't complete it.

I've deleted the game from my computer and I'll stick to WoW from now on. Avoid the game if you want a truly free game. They only see you as a money bank and if you don't pay they treat you like dirt.
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Skycin {MaOGl} 14 aug, 2013 @ 11:29 
my game crash random if i go to a Field
WindSlasherX 18 aug, 2013 @ 14:57 
Here's a tip, DONT PLAY GRAND FANTASIA. One of the worst games I've ever played. It's not up there with Wizard101, but its horrible. Leveling takes forever once you hit level 30, and its extremely hard to get items. Also the quests are either so long, or impossibly hard, or you have to run all the way across the world to complete one of them.

Elsword may lag, but its probably the best MMORPG out there that I can find. If I'm not mistaken, for WoW you have to PAY in order to PLAY THE GAME AT ALL. So basically you have to "PAY TO COMPLETE THE GAME". It's the same situation as Elsword, except its not. You DONT have to pay to play elsword, and you dont need to pay to complete the game.

Your statements about the tickets are probably correct, but everything else is false. Also, Elsword is not 2D. Its 2.5D, FYI. Also what you said about the GMs is true as well. Its a truly great game but they dont care. All they want is the money. Again, you say WoW has 1000 players on one server? Elsword can get around to that much when all of the channels are full as well. So its not a tiny game.

Anyways, did you even go to check your fps or frame rate in-game? Also some of Elsword's lag can be caused by other players who party with you. They have distance lag because of how far apart you are. This could cause you to lag and disconnect you from the game. And you have my empathy for the game crashing after a dungeon, because that happened to me only yesterday. As soon as we killed the boss a error from X-Trap comes up saying that my game is an abnormal client. Which it is not, because I re-installed it around february, and I've been playing this NA version ever since it came out.

You should look into lowering your ping for elsword or raising your frame rate (fps) instead of raging about how you disconnect all the time. Look into that before you quit.
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