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Don't Buy K-Ching, Here's Why
I received an e-mail while I was at work regarding how my account was banned.
Turns out there have been too many attempts to log in (i.e. hacked).
I got it unbanned, then asked my roommate of three years to help me check if I've lost items.
He checked and tells me that all my items are stolen (around 40~50 Mil ED, and other stuff that add up to around another 10~20 Mil).

So I of course sent in a ticket. They investigated. Then basically said the following:

"Oh, your account was hacked, so we banned the guy permanently. However, you're not getting ANY of your items back because you've shared your account info with someone."

LOL WTF?! I asked my roomate to check my account for me AFTER it's been hacked, and that's the reason why they won't give me back my items?

Anyways, this company's reps are incredibly rude, stupid, and unreasonable. I will be filing charge-backs against this company, as well as filing complaints to the BBB.

If you are thinking about spending money for K-Ching, think again.


A ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off customer
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Bit of a drama queen, aren't you? I mean, if you spend money on a game, and some misfortune occurs, you can't say that you did it without the thought of that possibility. And the reply is stupid, but nowhere rude, nor unreasonable.
they said that bcz there not sure if ur friend did or didnt actually took the items without u knowing...

Nobody knows if u set this up to make killercombo give u free items. in the end like the always say in the chat box dont share ur account info with anybody.

The faulty person seem to be u. Also did u send any prof that u had such item o.0?

right now the only person that seem to be stupid, rude and unreasonable seems to be u. though i agree killercombo needs to be a little more formal with this stuff, the are to informal >.<
lol thats why a screenshot every single part of my inventory and screen
Xynic 13. čvc. 2013 v 21.22 
except they have electronic records
and my account was locked due to being accessed from a foreign IP
they caught the hacker, proving it wasn't my roommate who only accessed it AFTER it was hacked
so yah... if you guys had any reading comprehension skills... :/
Did you have a pin set for the account? And i thought some items were untradable....
You have reason to be upset but like always you would need proof of the items being stolen so the customer support doesnt give out stuff you didnt have to begin with...
Protip: Make a tough password and write it out AND create a Pin code. Such simple things and yet people make it tough. Then again, you can be a troll.
honestly, thats your fault. not Kill3rCombo's fault. its your fault that you don't change your Password as often as you should
I've got that too.But in fact,I haven't shared my account to anyone.And aswell,not getting any compensation.Tell me,how much did it took them to discover the hacker?Because I think all these messages are randomly sent to people just because they're too lazy to type themselfs(copy-paste).If it took the same time,then it's mostalikely nobody got banned and they simply sent message at random to make you feel better.
that sounds bad bro........but im sure there is a resone they didnt give your items back, but i understand
This is a pretty old topic (the guy posted way back in 7/5). But incase someone runs into this issue; My friend had the same problem, they wouldn't restore his account because the hacker mentioned that they were account sharing. We had to get a hold of a GM to resolve the issue, but it honestly shouldn't have to go that far, let alone in this context.
i just think they're ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s for refusing to admit it's actually their mistake
and i've never actually shared any info with anyone UNTIL AFTER the hacking
i was just worried so i had my roomie check the items for me, and i was actually honest enough to answer the questions they had asked
i've now put in a pin for the character select, but i was actually never TOLD about this actively by the company, so how was i supposed to know that?
i was under the impression they'd actually care enough to protect our accounts
but you know, they're just another money grubbing company that lacks common sense
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Zobrazeno 112 z 12 komentářů
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