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Dragonkid6 Feb 8, 2013 @ 8:03pm
PVP needs to have brackets/tiers
I have been playing Els for 2 years last month, and my only complaint is that pvp in not seperated by level or rank. Now before rank just represented how much you pvp so it didn't matter but it sucked being lvl 30ish and going against some who was lvl 44(the cap before I took a break). Now they have pvp gear and different ranks of the gear based on your rank/lvl. Such as: lvl 20 E and C, lvl 40 E, C and A, lvl 60 E, C, and A. My problem is that my lvl 43 Eve in 40 E rank gear should never fight some at C rank or higher since it's a different bracket of gear, or even fight lvl 60 ppl. Because of this, ppl have begun to abuse the pvp system with what we call "derankers", they lower their rank while wearing A rank gear and then beat up on E-D ranks with E rank gear. Also an A rank will team up with an F or E rank and boost to S or SS rank by beating on the E-C ranks. So yeah the pvp in this game is broken, most A-SS ranks boosted or deranked to get there.
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Kill3rCombo  [developer] Feb 27, 2013 @ 5:38pm 

We are constantly making improvements on the game and PVP is also part of it. Currently, we are focused on releasing some new classes to our players and a PVP revamp will certainly come in due time.

- GM Skillz
Chaosshift Apr 22, 2013 @ 6:48pm 
pvp revamp will come like Skillz said ^
the Revamp (Season 2/S2 pvp) will fix most of the deranking and gear problems but theres always a way to abuse the system, all you can do right now is get better, level up and fight harder. Also, there are legitimate high level people who arent that good at pvp so using brackets and dividing pvp to levels wouldnt be such a smart idea as you thought.
Sir Pinedeer May 8, 2013 @ 5:48pm 
I have an idea: Pvp could be divided by both levels and rank.
What I mean is: A rank E lvl 37 would fight someone around the same level and rank, and not fight someone who's level 19 and doesn't have any real skill with their job. I don't know, but I feel this is a good idea. And then there could be caps on rank, like if your level 20 you could achive rank D, and the next rank is unlocked at level 25 or something. I'm not sure, but this seems like a good idea to me.
Gietmex May 8, 2013 @ 8:23pm 
actually i think best idea is pvp S2 dividing by lv or rank isnt a good idea.
since by rank we have Derankers
and by lv, i just can go make low lv henir gear and kill every noob since they will mostly be using dung quest equip or those equip that drop on dung + not even 80 precent of new players socke there stuff. and on the other side having somebody which clearly high skill enough to Take down ppl 20 lv up, will be feeling like it got punished do to they need to lv more to get higher in pvp o-o
Nobu May 16, 2013 @ 9:01pm 
I acutally like the changes made in PvP season 2. Not to say I didn't enjoy PvP before, but it's the only thing I play now. I'm only lvl 36 and I reached rank D just by casually playing for 3 days. PvP still takes a lot of skill on part of the user, but it's finally giving people a fighting chance. After everyone gets their rank and settles down on a comfortable level it shouldn't be that bad. sure... There will still be people that will try to abuse the system, but it'll be harder to pull off with the separate stats.

On a side note, I don't mind getting paired with a higher rank so long as it's not 2 ranks above mine. The only way to get better is to play better players and learn their movements and skills.

I don't feel like Equipment is so much of a problem, especially since PvP gear is more accessable than before. (and the event is practically giving them away / I actually had enough AP and ED to just buy the whole set permanently) I also played PvP with my normal dungeon drop equip and my quest equip to see if there was difference. To my surprise, I was still beating up rank C's. Plus, it's not that hard to upgrade your gear if you feel handicapped by it. They sell everything you need for a lower AP price now and I hardely ever feel restricted by ED.

The only complaint I have is that PvP still lags. I understand that lag is a user problem, but I don't think players with connections on the brink of disconnecting should be playing PvP in the first place.

Finally, when is steam going to release Elsword? (an estimate/ guess) I'm just curious because it's been a while since the game has been Greenlit and I'm eager for the new wave of players. :)
LuXas Jul 14, 2013 @ 2:37pm 
You know what I think its fair? 5 levels higher and 5 levels lower, and 1 rank higher and 1 rank lower.
Let's say your level 40 rank C, getting matched with people level 35-45 and rank from D-B is fair, I had a level 38 Shooting Gurdian matched up with level 60s two times in a row, and of course I lost.
I also think level 60 should get matched up with level 60s only. Why? because when you reached the max level, you starting enchaning your secret sets, and lost time and space set to as high as possible. When you're level 59 and under, you're not gonna waste all your ed or money enchancing your equipment when you can get the best ones at level 60.
My level 53 S rank RF literally gets matched up with level 60 almost every time. (Probably because most S ranks are level 60) but 75% of the time when I lose is because of their equipment advantage. They do 1000-2000 damage to me per hit, and I do 400-1000 per hit. "Gladiator Set" I believe more players will stay if the pvp system get's more balanced out.

One last thing, I realize the internet connections is based on how well you're connected to you're opponent. In korea it's fine due to the fact that it's a small scale country. But Amercia is a much bigger country, and canadians also play on NA servers no matter what game it is. With that, there will be a lot of lag in pvp. I believe, the person who is lagging should be feeling the lag and the player with the decent internet should play just fine. In a party of 4 in pve, if one player have horriable internet connection, the rest of the party memeber's gameplay will be affected. Thus I think something should be done about this. I would love everything about this game if it wasn't for the unbalanced pvp and internet.

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