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9heads  [sviluppatore] 26 ott 2012, ore 6:05 
Changelog 1.131.207:
Added user pointer to components to optimize queries for objects using collision objects (performance).
Improved collision sound effects handler (performance).
Improved volume calculator when considering barriers between listener and sound source (performance).
Improved contact trigger queries (performance).
Improved laser weapon calculation of laser direction (performance).
Fixed box position relative to screen when holding it.
Added support to bullet 1.51.
Added anisotropic filtering to graphics options.
Changed android's hands to be kept down when holding no powers.
Added different sound effects when moving while crouched (slower footsteps rate).
Added smoothed android movement (more natural motion).
Added more points to the mouse sensibility slider.
Changed anisotropic filtering 0x to actually work as a trilinear filter.
Fixed master volume calculation (now using a natural exponential function).
Fixed lighting bugs in every stage.
Fixed assets positions.
Adjusted stages difficulties.
Repainted tunnel door's frame.
Repainted tunnel ceiling.
Repainted tunnel floor.
Modeled and painted tutorial asset.
Added holographic screen shader to use in the tutorial asset.
Added tutorial assets through the game.
9heads  [sviluppatore] 26 ott 2012, ore 6:06 
Vitrum available on Gumroad!
Ultima modifica da 9heads; 26 ott 2012, ore 6:07
9heads  [sviluppatore] 26 ott 2012, ore 6:07 
Vitrum available on Desura too!
9heads  [sviluppatore] 26 ott 2012, ore 6:07 
Vitrum launch on Indievania and IndieCity
9heads  [sviluppatore] 26 ott 2012, ore 6:11 
Pay what you want(+4.99) on Gumroad and 10% to Child's Play
9heads  [sviluppatore] 26 ott 2012, ore 7:27 
Changelog 1.148.215:
• Fixed bug causing Gravity Inverter particles not being correctly rotated when resetting the stage.
• Changed scenes ambient music to be streamed from file instead of storing the whole music in memory.
• Added support for Ogre 1.8.1.
• Added Dash sound effect.
• Fixed bug causing hands to be put down when not being able to use a power.
• Added an intro video related to the plot (yes, Vitrum does have a plot).
• Added Shield sound effect.
• Fixed bug causing character to keep it's mommentum after dying.
• Added Gravity Inversion sound effect.
• Fixed some issues with the Dash mechanics.
• Fixed bug causing horizontal doors (trapdoors) not activating objects when opening.
• Fixed music allocation issue.
• Added options to invert mouse axes.
• Fixed bug where bad sound streams coming from audiere were causing sudden crashes.
• Started streaming from file some bigger sounds instead of loading it in RAM.
• Changed components destruction to properly destroy its sound source and sound streams.
• Fixed bug in the kinematic character controller causing the character to stop falling when running against a wall (while in air).
• Changed default volume of sound streams attached to a source from maximum to minimum value.
• Modeled and painted a whole pack of assets (pipes, junctions, etc) in order to enrich and detail each stage.
• Modeled and painted an asset to start the game in (capsule designed to store and transport the android).
• Added pipes to the stages.
• Added starting capsule asset to the first stage.
• Fixed some minor lighting issues in a few stages.
• Properly balanced the difficulty evolution by re-ordering the stages.
• Ajusted the difficulty of the stages (lowered the difficulty of some and raised in others).
• Changed some puzzles to be more intuitive.
• Added more checkpoints.
• Repositioned some crystal shards making the activity of looking for and getting them more satisfying.
• Added 1 more stage to the demo.
9heads  [sviluppatore] 12 nov 2012, ore 6:54 
Vitrum now on Grouppes's Build a Bundle 4!
9heads  [sviluppatore] 21 dic 2012, ore 13:57 
Messaggio originale di December 6th, 2012:
Vitrum Stage Editor released!
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