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Megabyte Punch
TIM  [développeur] 30 oct. 2012 à 10h49
Suggestions for Megabyte Punch
You can post your suggestions for the game here.
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online coop is a must becuase the 4 player split screen is totally insane.... not to mention sharing a keyboard with 3 other people
Online multiplayer is a must.
TIM  [développeur] 11 nov. 2012 à 7h24 
4 player split screen is insane indeed, fun nonetheless! You don't have to share a keyboard with 3 other people btw, just connect some controllers.

Online multiplayer will be great! :)
I'd really appreciate being able to change direction in the air. while falling and/or being able to choose to attack in a direction different than the one you're facing. Such as falling facing left and being able to attack to the right if you still have a mid-air attack available.
TIM  [développeur] 16 nov. 2012 à 13h10 
You can attack in both direction in the air, you will do a front or back kick depending on what side you are facing. You can't switch sides in the air for abilities yet but that will be implemented later! Thanks for your suggestion Albert.
I have a few suggestions:

1. I would like to see parts that modify your character's basic attack (default z button attacks). This creates will create a more unique feel to everyone's character. You could do this by either adding another part we can add to the character (a core) that changes all of the basic attacks, or just create have certain parts modify only certain basic attacks. I think the latter would be harder to pull off, but I would personally prefer that.

2. Instead of collecting bits to get a life, why not use them as an in-game currency? This opens up a lot of possibities. You have a store both in adventure and in the menu so that people can use the bits they collect to buy parts. This way, they won't have to go to a certain level to collect certain parts. You could even have just the basic monsters you fight in adventure mode not drop any parts at all and allow them to obtain which ones they want at the store. Then, you can allow currency to be obtained through "fight" mode as well allow those that only want to use fight mode to be able to obtain the parts they want. In addition, you could have 2 different types of currency: 1 you obtain through adventure mode, the other through "fight" mode. The different currencies could be used to obtain generic parts as well as special parts that pertain to a certain currency. You're not forcing others to play adventure mode but it encourages them to play it where they wouldn't otherwise in order to obtain all possible parts.

I hate to say this, but you could also use the bit currency as a way to allow micro-purchases so taht people can buy in-game currency to purchase parts. I do not like that idea but the possibility is there.
Preordered and greenlit, MBP is amazing!

After putting in a good six hours or so straight playing, I have to agree with 3dmann on a few things.

First off, he's right about the basic attacks needing to be able to be modified. I feel like I get caught up in the same 1-2-3 combos over and over. If you're not too worried about taking more elements from SSB, I'd heavily suggest the usage of Smash Attacks or Strong Attacks. A proper Dash basic attack would be nice too.

On the topic of combos, I personally feel like the transition between your standard 1-2-3 to a finisher, or trying to execute two aerials in succession is a bit clunky. I understand that making combos flow too well results in inescapable infinite combos. To combat that, the Pelvic Thrust move could serve as a combo breaker to break infinite chains.

Another concern of mine is that while I love the levels and environment, they start feeling a bit repetitive after a while. I was eagerly searching every nook and cranny (a minimap would be REALLY nice) to be pleasantly surprised with a couple color capsules, but then I realized that was the only real collectible and felt a little disappointed. Perhaps have chests/keys for rare parts? Anything to entice the player really explore each area.

Platforming difficulty should be increased a bit too. Finding Doro doors is more about trial and error rather than platforming or combat skill. More environmental hazards and types of challenges, like walljumping puzzles over a lake of acid would be incredible. Even simple modifiers like "Clear this room of enemies before time runs out" or "Seek and destroy X of these Megacs" would be a vast improvement over running and gunning through each level.

Finally, something to do with all of these spare/duplicate parts. Being able to recycle spares into Bits, or combine multiple parts through crafting into rarer parts (recipes could be another collectible/reward) would definitely solve the issue.

Despite my gripes, the game is still amazing, and I look forward to every update. Keep up the great work Reptile!
Dope 19 nov. 2012 à 11h38 
I agree with these ideas:
- a minimap
- differents basic attacks
And missions like clear ennemies before time runs out will be great!
The gameplay will be more varied.
It reminds me GTA; when you have finished the main quest, there is always secondary quests or challenges ;)
TIM  [développeur] 19 nov. 2012 à 12h15 
Thanks for your suggestions guys! We are gathering all the suggestions in one big file so we can have a look at them and see if they are doable and a cool addition to the game!
Hello. I got something I would like to see. Instead of a room to change the colors of the parts you have why not just allow us to pause the game while not in combat and alter the color scheme from their?
I was just playing the demo for this, and it's absolutely fun! However, I do have some suggestions for the game. Even though you might already be working on some of them.

1. It should be possible to colourize individual parts of our character instead of just the whole thing. I know it's currently possible to work our way around it, but this way would obviously be more efficient. We should also be able to colourize the parts in our inventory and maybe our collection.

2. As Manga3dmann said, bits used as in-game currency wouldn't be a bad idea. However, as well as using them to buy parts, you could also use them to buy other things, such as power-ups that would heal you by reducing your damage count, raise your attack power for a limited time, raise damage resistance for a limited time, etc.

3. Everyone is just begging for online play! However, we can't just make it have one "fight each other" mode. If the game does get an online mode, we'll need more gameplay modes, competitive and cooperative. Competitive modes could include timed matches, or maybe even capture the flag! As for cooperative modes, there could be a survival mode, where we all fight an endless wave of enemies until we all die, maybe attempting to beat best records for time alive and enemies defeated.

I might suggest more later on.
I'm recently interested by OUYA, and i think that a free2play adaptation of your game in this game console could be nice.
TIM  [développeur] 4 janv. 2013 à 2h18 
Good suggestions :) Thanks!
Exactly what Brainz said. I'd like to see a menu (or shop) that allows you to change your colours manually, instead of punching those colour brick things. Also it'd be cool if there was some sort of co-op gamemode, where you can play locally (or online) with someone and run through the levels together.
TIM  [développeur] 9 janv. 2013 à 2h39 
Thanks for your feedback! Local co-op is in the game already since the first alpha version :)
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