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Megabyte Punch
KashiKakes 27 czerwca 2013 o 2:39
Post your Megacs!
I figured maybe people could post the megacs they've made and we could all see some of the creative ideas of the community! And heck maybe even give the devs some ideas for some NPCs in tournament mode. ;)

here's the one guy I'm always using


although sometime I switch out the megabyte arm for one of the ones with the ground pound attack, so satisfying when you hit someone with that in the air.
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Dokvald 3 lipca 2013 o 15:29 
How do you get the megabyte punch arm? I've beaten lvl 6 and i've done the tournament mode like 6 or 7 times?
KashiKakes 3 lipca 2013 o 16:48 
it is a secret item hidden in the story mode, there's a megac inside one of the building's in town that will give you a hint about finding it.
Dokvald 3 lipca 2013 o 21:04 
where 3 flowers meet mark the path not the goal or something like that?
Dokvald 3 lipca 2013 o 21:05 
i remember a secret path after a few flowers that had a tower going up but if you messed up like i did you couldn't try again. was that in level 2 or 3?
KashiKakes 3 lipca 2013 o 21:58 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Dokvald:
where 3 flowers meet mark the path not the goal or something like that?

and no that tower is not it.
Dokvald 3 lipca 2013 o 22:31 
hmm ok
Qon 24 lipca 2013 o 16:31 
4 qolors used q:
This build is in my opinion the perfect adventure mode megac AND the most perfect fighting megac! Or well 98% perfect on both.

4 Jumps
Movement speed +20%
Drill Dash
Place Mine
Megabyte Punch
Extremely mobile with 4 jumps, swoop and drill dash and fast running and high jumps. I don't even need the swoop to get back on the arena q:
But with the Place Mine I qan qlimb infinitly if I have to. The place wall ability is better for this since I don't have to waste 1 jump for destroying 1 mine but it works + the mine qan be used for killing also. Place wall isn't very useful in tournaments but Place Mine qan be used at both.

For tournament mode the submachine gun-arm is better for dps-ing but with the MBP ability getting them to 200 damage isn't necessary. The important thing is making them block (since MBP breaks shields it instakills everything even at 10 damage), which both these parts do well. Submachine keeps you at a safer distance but the drill will place you in their face when they block so thy are about equal when paired with the MBP (since damage is useless). Sometimes drilling though walls is useful in tournaments but not very often, but it doesn't detract from it's value.

For Adventure mode mobility is the key. Also a good ability for destroying blocks and something for exequting enemies is useful. The drill is the best for speeding through loads of blocks and you qan't get a better exequting ability than the Megabyte Punch. I would say this is exellent for adventure mode.

So yeah this build goes is the best of 2 worlds. Extreme killing power, mobility, survivability and flexibility. No extra power needed since the abilities kills faster than a +8 power megac anyway q: It's better to go for some extra jump height and speed!

I haven't played with this build a lot yet but I played something similar before:
3 jumps, +30 speed.
Giganto missile instead of Place Mine for alternate killing/damage move.
Submachine instead of drill for damage.
That build has a jump less and no building ability and no drill (=almost like a jump) which makes it less useful in adventure. And the drill is so much better than the missile for breaking walls.

Edit: Testing it some more and either I suck with drill or.. I suck with drill :/
I prefer sub :o
I guess I have to learn how to use it properly or go back to bulletspam.
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Montiblanc 12 września 2013 o 11:15 
im guessing u used the same color bug to get different color parts ?_? Where u have the desired parts on then pick the color then replace the desied part with a standard one then pick the color for everything else & finally put the desired part on.

it only works once tho coz wen u take it off again it changes into watever color u have on atm. Also doesnt work with cores o well..

does printscreen work for taking screenshots ingame? im still only halfway thru the game as im exploring everything instead of rushing to the boss
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Montiblanc; 12 września 2013 o 11:27
Qon 12 września 2013 o 11:37 
Yes I did. Now in the release version you qan save loadouts and it works with mixed qolor schemes so you qan save it and reload it later if you want to try other stuff without having to redo it all! :D
Yes Pr Sc works. I use Alt+Pr Sc since then only my active window is qaptured (multi monitor setup).
Montiblanc 13 września 2013 o 0:48 
i tried print screen and nothing happens o well...My setup atm is this:

Burocratica Paint/Color

Cupido Head, Barrage (shoulders), Submachine Gun-Arm (Left), Cularjet/R.A.M Core(or Guarding Chest), Drill Arm (RIght), Hips of Truth & double R.A.M legs

My skills r Launch/Teleport (Up), Rapid Fire (Normal), Drill Dash (sides), Missile (Down)

My Stats: 0 extra dmg & attack speed, 3 Armor, 4 Shields, 3 Jump, 0% extra move speed

i could have used megabyte punch & even a bomb/mine but ther too slow & i can just press my extra mouse button on the thumb for shield break/thrust. i use left & right mouse buttons for atk & special atk.

Początkowo opublikowane przez Dokvald:
i remember a secret path after a few flowers that had a tower going up but if you messed up like i did you couldn't try again. was that in level 2 or 3?

Its hidden above level 3 gate (not inside level 3) the ceiling above it (right side) jump up then wall jump inside, go right & fall down. Not sure if its always there or dissapears coz i went in that map after i cleared level 4

Beat everything there & a gold cube will appear above entrance (break it for Megabyte Punch)
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Montiblanc; 13 września 2013 o 19:57
Dokvald 13 września 2013 o 1:45 
Yep got MBP fist a while back but thanks though.
Qon 13 września 2013 o 9:22 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Montiblanc:
i tried print screen and nothing happens o well...
Did you save the image afterwards? Open up paint and press Ctrl+V and save the image.
Montiblanc 13 września 2013 o 19:20 
yea i had to make my game windowed for that to work


Uploaded with http://imageshack.us

Edit: apparently eaither im bad or it sucks coz i can only get 4-5 rounds in tournament with it so now im gonna have to try some other things...

edit2: i use MBP on tourney & find it much easier to beat now
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Montiblanc; 15 września 2013 o 22:54
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