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Dr Deep 9. jan., 2014 @ 15:55
Xbox controller/big picture support
I really think it would work to your benifit to add big picture support.

i appreciate that the accuracy would be reduced but it would make the game so much funner to play in a more relaxed 'sofa' setting. Also perhaps would make offline co-op possible with 2 controllers as i remember there being a 2 player mode.

It personally gives me a little bit of glee when I load a game, press a button on my usb xbox controller and suddenly all the menus and UI adapt to the xbox plataform.

In terms of mechanics, you could go 2 ways i guess... one would be the Apocolypse (PS1) method also adopted in black ops - Dead ops game, which is a case of moving with the left stick and shooting in cirtain directions with the right stick. Personally i think this would be great and make weapons like the uzi and the assualt rifle very fun to use.

The issue i see here is in the accuracy sometimes needed say for the pistol or the gause gun. For this the mouse is ideal... Or when you get the sharpshooter perk this might be an issue, i guess you could implement a setting that when you hold down the right trigger the default reticle will appear which can be moved about the screen with the right stick... Not sure how well this would work and the pyromaniac perk and the dead eye? (the one that makes them freeze when hovered over) would also be harder to use.

but then isnt this the issue with all controller v mouse gaming? the controller being the console alternative, giving less accuracy? Regardless console sales of FPS are great. So i think the decision would fall on the person. PErsonally i would love to play in on controller having finished it by mouse, a simple change that would allow me to play the game in an entirely different experience. It may even double the replay value for some customers.

To finish off, sorry to keep going, this would also open your doors to xbox market place etc! I can only imagine how freeeeeekin great this game would be 4 players on a big TV! Horde/survival mode of course but even a VS mode would be absolutelly awasome! you all scrabbling for power ups and the best guns! the person that picks up the jackhammer absolutelly destroying everyone! but also suddenly that person is target number one! it would be something very special and fun! Limited bullets perhaps? ill start this on another thread maybe!! :)

Thanks 10tons for a great game regardless, for what it is its perfect! thanks!
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Dr Deep 9. jan., 2014 @ 15:59 
Please dont underestimate the power of co op games... to this day me and my friends play MASHED! an original xbox game (non 360). its like micro machines which we would also play if we had all the old gear! Even 4 player DIABLO 3 doesnt beat MASHED!
10tons  [utvikler] 16. jan., 2014 @ 2:00 
We indeed do have plans to have controller support. I guess it's already present in the original game, although in a crude form. There are indeed some problems to solve, such as the mouse-heavy perks (telekinesis and monster burning ones, mainly). Shooting can be solved adequately with autoaim, but we'll see how the other ones pan out.
Dr Deep 10. feb., 2014 @ 8:45 
great, please do add an option to play like in black ops - dead ops game, that would work really well with analogue controllers. Thanks for the reply.
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