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Lost Marbles
Rosey Jun 15, 2013 @ 2:29pm
Feedback, suggestions :)
I wanted to share my experience with this lovely game and suggest things worth considering in the future updates.

First of all... I really have to compliment the fantastic design and say the general concept of the game is really fun in my opinion and you did a great job putting it all together. Playing it is pure joy! :)

I'm impressed how well the physics of the game work, I don't mean just the marbles but also other objects like boxes or those nice swings, oh yes, the swings are fun! And there is that level where you trip a plank to make it push some boxes off, that's when I could actually see they behave really naturally, so well done with all that!

But anyway... I know you said you'll carry on working on the game and add more levels. And indeed... Lost Marbles really needs a lot more levels. Currently it's really too short. I know designing them is hard work and it's probably not easy to come up with fresh things instead of repeating ideas. I'll try to suggest a few things that might be worth trying.

1. I really like those swings, I think they have much more potential than what they were used for in existing levels so far. It's possible to jump quite a long way from them after putting them in motion. And I also wonder for example what would happen if I used metal ball's boost while in one of those. I hope you can try messing around with them some more in the future levels.

2. Seeing how fun the swings are, I wonder of other possible fun contraptions that could be added perhaps. Maybe levers? You know, like a plank on a pivot, some more messing with some basic physics. :) How about some cannons or something of that sort that would be capable of firing the steel ball somewhere? Or maybe some helium pumps could inflate the rubber ball and make it lift up in the air for a while?

3. You can always throw in some levels that are shaped to resemble something. Especially something well recognised for example by fans of other games or other famous things. Or maybe memes? :P

4. It doesn't sound like a bad idea to build whole chapters in a completely unique theme. For example make it all really dark and hard to see the way, perhaps requiring to press some light switches.

5. How about introducing collectible items that give the marbles some abilities? For example... Glue! You pick up glue, you start sticking to the walls or something like that. Temporarily or until the end of the level. Could be items that work as soon as they're picked up, could be activated with some key and single-use only requiring to think carefully where to use it so that it's not wasted. Certain items could only be made usable by certain types of marbles. There are lots of possibilities here.

Well, these are just some random ideas, perhaps you find some inspiration in any of this. Maybe I'll add other ideas later if I think of something.

What would also be amazing, but also probably requiring really a lot of work, is a level editor. A game like this has an endless potential for creativity and players could come up with even more levels. If this game gets greenlit (hopefully some day) then maybe it could have custom levels in the Steam workshop, wouldn't that be sweet? X3

Some minor suggestions to consider also, just quickly: possibly a custom mouse pointer in the menus... perhaps something more polished-looking to mark the goal and the checkpoints in place of these really simplistic house shapes and exclamation marks. I'm suggesting this to give the game a more "complete" look. It would be more attractive visually to potential voters or customers. ;)

Anyway these are just ideas if you have enough determination to keep working on the game. But I'm already a big fan of Lost Marbles. Just sad I'm out of new levels to play, it all ended too fast. ^^;