Tato hra je nyní dostupná ve službě Steam!

Děkujeme za vaši pomoc, díky které byla tato hra vybrána pro distribuci ve službě Steam. Více informací a odkaz na stránku hry v obchodě lze nalézt níže.

Služba Steam Greenlight končí. Pro více informací o tom, jak vydat produkt ve službě Steam si přečtěte tento příspěvek na blogu.
Steam Cloud? For Mac and Linux as well?
1st thing I got to say is CONGRATIONLATIONS on getting this game greenlighted which makes me very happy since I voted and faved this game. :D

To make it more worth it for the Steam version, think ya can add Steam Cloud as well for Mac and Linux users to enjoy this game as we Window users get more games then them?

As a bonus how about adding steam achievements as well?
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La-Mulana doesn't have Mac and Linux versions. As for running it with Wine, it suffers from problems with input that make it unplayable.

About achievements, see an entry on the official blog: http://la-mulana.com/en/blog/greenlit.html
I hope they change this for Steam, but they already started working on their next game (It's a shooter... they like that genre so much they had a bullet-hell mini-game in the original!) It probably will be only on PC for a while.
Please post the following in a new discusion. I am not fulfilling some requirement that I don't understand in order to start a discussion. All the new young archaeologists need to be prepared!

How to succeed when playing LA-MULANA.
2.Pay attention to visual clues.
3. Read EVERYTHING in game, including wall carvings and room names!
4. Take notes on everything, even if it mean paraphrasing npc talk.
-If you are really against doing this then atleast take down what you don't understand or what doesn't ring in your head.
-At the very least use the in game text saving software!
5. "Play smart, save often"
6. When you feel stumped take a break and come back to it later! The ruins have waited millions of years, they can wait some more!
-If an area is still giving you trouble and you've been breaking for a while, try concentrating on another area.
7. When you have made it to a boss and can't seem to beat him, try going somewhere else and getting stronger. If you're impatient, then you can buy a gun.
-Save your bullets for the REALLY tough guys!
8.Understand that this game was originally made to be a challenge! If you question whether or not this game is fun, question yourself "Is being challenged fun?". If you truly cannot say "I love being challenged" then this game is not for you.
9. If you still wan't to play but have given up all hope of beating the game with your own power, then use a guide.
-Make a plan for your guide use! For example, double check in a guide after each area you've played to see if you're O.K. to move on, or limit the number of times you can check a guide.
-If you have played and given up on the game, try watching a guide for fun! There are some good personalities playing LA-MULANA who are fun to watch because they get stuck and die repeatedly and work through it! I recommend Deceasedcrab (Who got his name in the end credits of the game!) or Usuallydead (who does a blind LP and even though he doesn't enjoy it he pushes through).
-Seeing these people work hard might convince you to try again!
Hell temple is hell. If you decide to go to hell then either watch a guide before going, die and scream and laugh hopelessly, or have the ability to call what side a coin will land on thirty times in a row and win a million bucks.

Best of luck, chosen ones!
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