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TheUnbeholden 22 Dez, 2012 às 2:33
Nice game
Its a pretty nice looking game with lots of exploration, but I find alot of puzzles are a bit out of league :S, alot of running around finding switches, visiting shops inside of the temple (which makes no sense) before you can get into one of those areas you've visited before.

Some of these bosses are kicking me up the ♥♥♥, I seriously don't know how your character has any hope in hell of taking these things on, he movement is sluggish.
After some searching I found a shop that gives him enhancement movement with the hermes boots, and a katana so now I can actually fight (dam, they really should have given you easier ways of getting this stuff like from town not a "temple shop").

I've been praying under the Horus statue and nothing has happened yet, I learned from the sleeping god that another name for Horus is Wedjet so it must be the right statue.
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Zaimad 22 Dez, 2012 às 9:57 
Not trying to be rude or anything, but since this game is not yet on Steam (hint: not enough people are clicking the damned YES button) I invite you to search for gameplay help elsewhere, like any other of the platforms that released the game and/or websites that dedicate most if not all of their content on walkthroughs.

Mind you, I bet many that come check the Greenlight page either a) already own the game from other sources or b) impatiently await the fated coming of La-Mulana to Steam, and someone is bound to know how to help you better properly. But considering that this isn't the place to ask what you're asking AND once released on Steam there will be a La-Mulana game hub where the question really belongs, I invite you to ask 100 different people to vote up La-Mulana for a January release or keep playing the game until you find out what you need to know, since it's a damn good game.

Best of luck to us all.
WakiMiko 23 Dez, 2012 às 4:58 
You are on the right track, but its not a statue you have to pray under...
Sicris 23 Dez, 2012 às 20:54 
Do a google image search on Wedjet, cuz you're way off. Just like an archaeologist, you need to sometimes do your own research (even though this is the only puzzle in the remake that is like that). The game doesn't want you to just make Lemeza to act like an adventurer, but wants you; the player, to think and act like an archaeologist as well. It's not gonna throw out a random name and expect you to know enough about ancient Egypt to know what it's talking about. It's training you to think outside the box cuz the later puzzles are gonna eat you alive if you don't pick up on it.

Heck, in the original version of the game, you had to google when the Mayan end of days was in order to solve one of the puzzles cuz the game expected you to manually do the research. It even went as far as to give the date in the game manual, but not once was it ever stated in the game itself. (Mayan doomsday prophesies were popular on the Japanese TV channels at the time)

After whichyou had to convert it to La-Mulanese numbers, which somehow managed to be one of the hardest puzzles in the game with the solution right there in plain sight the entire time both on your screen and your keyboard.

They altered that puzzle in the remake.
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GeminiSaint 30 Dez, 2012 às 8:29 
TheUnbeholden: You have to wait under Wedjet's EYE. It's at the botton-left corner of the sun temple. You'll see a switch right under the eye in the background. You must NOT activate that switch. Just stand on the switch and do nothing for a few moments. The chest above will then open.
Dentorhedge 18 Jan, 2013 às 9:12 
I do not understand why I cannot start my own discussion. Please put this in one! I believe that Mulbruk explains to stand under the eye. This game does NOT require that you use the internet! Even in the original the answer to that puzzle was in the manual!

How to succeed when playing LA-MULANA.
2.Pay attention to visual clues.
3. Read EVERYTHING in game, including wall carvings and room names!
4. Take notes on everything, even if it mean paraphrasing npc talk.
-If you are really against doing this then atleast take down what you don't understand or what doesn't ring in your head.
-At the very least use the in game text saving software!
5. "Play smart, save often"
6. When you feel stumped take a break and come back to it later! The ruins have waited millions of years, they can wait some more!
-If an area is still giving you trouble and you've been breaking for a while, try concentrating on another area.
7. When you have made it to a boss and can't seem to beat him, try going somewhere else and getting stronger. If you're impatient, then you can buy a gun.
-Save your bullets for the REALLY tough guys!
8.Understand that this game was originally made to be a challenge! If you question whether or not this game is fun, question yourself "Is being challenged fun?". If you truly cannot say "I love being challenged" then this game is not for you.
9. If you still wan't to play but have given up all hope of beating the game with your own power, then use a guide.
-Make a plan for your guide use! For example, double check in a guide after each area you've played to see if you're O.K. to move on, or limit the number of times you can check a guide.
-If you have played and given up on the game, try watching a guide for fun! There are some good personalities playing LA-MULANA who are fun to watch because they get stuck and die repeatedly and work through it! I recommend Deceasedcrab (Who got his name in the end credits of the game!) or Usuallydead (who does a blind LP and even though he doesn't enjoy it he pushes through).
-Seeing these people work hard might convince you to try again!
Hell temple is hell. If you decide to go to hell then either watch a guide before going, die and scream and laugh hopelessly, or have the ability to call what side a coin will land on thirty times in a row and win a million bucks.
Sicris 18 Jan, 2013 às 12:36 
@Dentorhedge_of_the_Victorious_Mu You completely missed my point. It doesn't matter whether he looks up what Wedjet is either via google or manual, either way you look at it, it's still seaching outside the game, and he'll get the same result for either. The point is that the game is usually not gonna hold his hand for the most part (remake does hold your hand a little more than the original, but not by much). And yes, Mulbruk does give you the answer but you should have let him figure that part out himself or at least have a spoiler tag on it.
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DarkGriffin 24 Jan, 2013 às 11:07 
I'd just like to add that so far, aside from having pencil and paper to write symbols down(I have trouble remembering visual stuff in games like this), everything for every puzzle has been able to be solved with a bit of reading of tablets and remembering what or who things represent. I've gotten pretty far just going in completely blind. Haven't even needed the game manual yet, just a working mind and a bit of platforming skills.

There is a LOT of deduction and double use of clue meanings, names, or wordings to follow the temple instructions. For example, the puzzle you mentioned has at least two clues to it, you've probably only read the first if you still think the tablet clue refers to a statue. Look for a clue on something other then a tablet or statue in the sun temple.

(Hint: check the lower left room of the map again and look at something that currently seems rather useless to use)
Dentorhedge 31 Jan, 2013 às 15:25 
-Hundreds of clever puzzles for the acute and deadly traps for those who do not heed warnings.
-Beautiful and varied pixel art spread through almost 200 screens, with appropriate symbols from real archaeological digs.
-A secret hard mode that spawns new enemies and toughens up the bosses
-41+ (nine main bosses and a ton of minibosses) bosses and a large variety of enemies from real-world mythology.
-A compelling and extremely interesting history (story line).
-Three albums worth of wonderful dramatic music.
- Five main weapons, six sub-weapons, and a cascade of usable and passive items
-A unique buff system using "computer software combinations"
-Time Attack where you choose to face a selection of bosses with different weapons.
-HELL TEMPLE ... ... ... ... hopefully you won't see.
(Not counting HELL TEMPLE the first run can take around 27 hours, or with practice, 9 hours)
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