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Folk Tale
GF  [desenvolvedor(a)] 15/out/2012 às 18:12
Kickstarter Pledge Tiers and Rewards
We're considering fundraising on Kickstarter *. For those familiar with KS, we'd love to hear your thoughts on pledge tiers ( USD, EUR, GBP ) and desirable rewards. Obvious rewards include alpha build access / priority pass to closed beta / art books. What do folks think about posters, mugs and traditional merchandise. Any interest in diecast figures? What would YOU like to see...

* Please note, we do not currently have a Kickstarter campaign.
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Battletank32 15/out/2012 às 21:46 
I been looking on kickstarter for you guys for the past 3 hrs.... finally read this again.. now i feel stupid LOL... let me know when yall are up :P
GF  [desenvolvedor(a)] 15/out/2012 às 22:16 
I've edited the OP to add a note, just in case other people go looking.
GenArdolf ☭ 16/out/2012 às 13:17 
Kickstarter rewards give you a piece of paper with a =) and signatures of the team. Give it a few years and it will be everyone's prized possesion XD jk but traditional merchandise would be very cool, a milkmaid statuette or die-cast will be a funny way to poke fun at the earliest greenlight builds XD an inside joke for all that remember.
The Captain 16/out/2012 às 18:57 
pikemen guard figurines.. a two pack! so you can have 1 guarding eatch side of the monitor... muahahaha! minions...and tall ones to :D like 6 inch models maybe even XD
Kristoffer 16/out/2012 às 23:14 
Access to the Beta is a definite must. That and a "pre-order" tier, where you basically get the game cheaper.
Stratus 17/out/2012 às 3:49 
Strategy guides for a small add-on are nice.
If there is a lot of lore around the world, a novella and/or almenac are also good.

Additionally some things I have seen popular in the passed are paying for the expansion up front, ringtones, high res maps/art work, extra copies of the game for cheap (i.e. base cost is say $15, but then you can add an additional 3 pack for $30)
Valiantic 17/out/2012 às 15:23 
If you put this on Kickstarter, also put the same reward forms in a Paypal system because not everyone owns a bloody creditcard. That nearly killed my ability to support Castle Story, and I'd hate for it to happen again.
Wighar 17/out/2012 às 16:49 
I have a few games I supported on Kickstarter, and I would indeed pledge support for this game from what I have seen so far.

but on to the rewards, the more common are:
Beta access
Digital Downloadable copy of the game DRM free
Name in the credits of the final game

uncommon ones:
Friend Beta Key
Pledger unique in-game color scheme (NPC clothes, various)

thats just a few i thought of right now.
Última edição por Wighar; 17/out/2012 às 16:59
I would like to see a Kickstarter exculsive reward as in maybe special access to test incoming updates, with a few other things maybe have a drawing too have your "Face" be put into the games with the NPC's. XD
Nine0h 20/out/2012 às 14:25 
One thing i would find fun as a reward that i know some other games have had, is a character naming of your choice. Like how maybe you can get a merchant named after a name of your choice, or a guard captain or even a villager.. That would be nice..

But doing a kickstarter sounds like a great idea, seeing how other games have done that and its worked out great. But on the rewards, thats also up to you guys.. What do you guys find is resonable reward for your game?

I've given my thought on it and hope your game will work out as intended at release. Seems like a very good and fun game as of now.

Have fun and enjoy creating your game.
Wolvenmire 20/out/2012 às 19:06 
I read the discussion title and immediately sought out Kickstarter. Found nothing. Returned and actually READ the post. Feel stupid, but would keep an eye out for a Kickstarter page for this.
GenArdolf ☭ 23/out/2012 às 11:47 
I feel very odd asking for a reward for pledging for a game. My reward is faster release of what I hope is a great game, and from what I see here it looks like that's what it is =D
Neya 28/out/2012 às 4:08 
Escrito originalmente por Psychyn Hakuna Matata:
If you put this on Kickstarter, also put the same reward forms in a Paypal system because not everyone owns a bloody creditcard. That nearly killed my ability to support Castle Story, and I'd hate for it to happen again.
Yes! i so agree, epecially in europe, we know that credit cards can compromise your control of money. i love paypal
Rika 28/out/2012 às 15:14 
I think people who beta test this game should be discounted for doing so, or given the actual release for free. They beta tested it and wee a big help, so why not give it to them for half price or free?
hero1900 5/nov/2012 às 2:34 
Linux support mentioned :)
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