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Duckfell Oct 17, 2012 @ 11:04pm
Did this seriously get Greenlit?
Not trying to flame or anything here, but how does a product (as it stands) that looks way too underdeveloped to gain an opinion on get a proper Greenlight? This is one thing I had feared for when Greenlight first came out; that people'd make some game based on a popular figure (In this case being the yogscast) with rather mediocre execution and it become an instant pass.

I can honestly say that 99% of those who voted for this game in were Die Hard Yogscast fans, I hope you're happy with what you'll be getting.
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LwiD Oct 17, 2012 @ 11:08pm 
Come on, lets be a little constructive, maybe you dont want to buy it, but other people will. So instead of compliaining about how this got greenlit you can start to vote up other games. There are something called the steam community and if they want yogventures let them have it.
Duckfell Oct 17, 2012 @ 11:09pm 
I'm curious if anyone actually thinks this looks good who wasn't directed from a Yogscast related page.

And Lord, please don't pull that on me, I'm hoping for a proper discussion.
Neon Nanite Oct 18, 2012 @ 12:40am 
Originally posted by "Me in another thread":
Originally posted by Pie4Pigs (McDonarlds Employee):
I'm not that big a fan of yogscast, and while I do think we have enough minecraft-esque games here, let's put that aside for a moment: This game is Pre-Alpha, right? If so, WHY is it on greenlight?

Your guess is as good as mine.
I am a ventures backer but i have no clue how it got greenlit this incredibly soon, fact is that the only reason this got greenlit so incredibly fast is because of the yogscast fans, all other games that have been greenlight so far are done or almost done, and all have incredible gameplay, in one way or another, to show, while this is little more than a bunch of great idea's and a tech demo.
Games early in development are fine on greenlight, especially now where we have the concept section, where this game should have been, if we had had a concept section on day one.
There are lots of great early-development games here, but this is the only one that has been greenlit already.

Originally posted by Durnathi:
On one hand I agree that supporting something very early can lead to severe disappointment, however I think greenlight can also be a place for indie developers to try to judge how much interest there is in their idea.

Exactly, but they only just introduced the concept section, where those types of "testing my idea to a larger audience" games will go now, around half of a day ago. :)

Originally posted by plasmaboy12:
you suck
Pie4Pigs has a right to express his opinion...

I backed because I found it on greenlight, and the proposed concept sounded great, so I backed it.
I only rarely watch Yogscast videos, and almost never their minecraft videos.
I backed on the idea that, in the end, I would get a program for designing and playing user created adventures.
Unfortunately, like you said I seem to be one of the few non-Yogscast fans who backed this game... It is not a secret that I have been heavily questioning throughout development why the Yogscast needed to be involved with this (I's because Kris of Winterkewl is and was friends with Simon and Lewis and wanted to make them a tribute or something-or-other:)
Duckfell Oct 18, 2012 @ 1:34am 
I admit, the concepts are strong, but the whole gimick with Lewis and Simon and the fact that it lacks development put me off supporting it off the bat.
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Zero Oct 18, 2012 @ 1:41am 
Why Is everyone complaining that, "Ooooh it's in pre-alpha how did it get greenlit" 1 word to all of you. Minecraft. Minecraft was released pre-alpha, oh wait I forgot Minecraft was such a failure, like nobody bought it. WRONG. And another thing, this is not a dictatorship. If people vote for this game, no matter how much you think they are wrong and stupid they have a vote, or have you forgotten that?
Neon Nanite Oct 18, 2012 @ 2:32am 
There's no reason to be snarky or feel hurt Khan.
Minecraft was not released on steam, a platform which have rather steep requirements for entry. Minecraft would not have been able to be added to steam in it's alpha.
-Possibly- in it's beta, but then it'd have had to be a free beta, which is wasn't.
What minecraft did is what is called alpha funding, funding a game long before it is released.
Steam does not do the alpha funding thing, Desura does though. :)
Ventures is atleast 4 months, at best, from release anyway.
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Duckfell Oct 18, 2012 @ 2:37am 
It's not about the fact that it's pre-alpha, it's the lack of development to show a strong foundation for a product and it's ideas.
I mean, the ideas are there, but there's not too much to show for it.

I'm curious as to why you were so snarky and aggrivated as Dark' suggested, can we not be civil in at-least a single thread?
LwiD Oct 18, 2012 @ 5:50am 
Originally posted by †KoG† Duskfall:
I'm curious if anyone actually thinks this looks good who wasn't directed from a Yogscast related page.

And Lord, please don't pull that on me, I'm hoping for a proper discussion.
Exactly what I am trying to get, If you think over it, there must be a reason for that the game is greenlit. GET ON WITH IT!
Neon Nanite Oct 18, 2012 @ 6:05am 
"fact is that the only reason this got greenlit so incredibly fast is because of the yogscast fans"

Already mentioned the reason.
Like it or not, a tech demo with only the promise of an awesome game would not get greenlit, if the Yogscast didn't have 100's of thousands of fans to pull on.
Which is pretty evident if you look at the fact that, Yogventures is the only greenlit game where we actually don't know how the game will play or look at all, we don't know exactly what options we have when making or playing our adventures.
No other game has gotten away with that, so far. :)

Edit: If you have been following the comments, even just looking once a day, you would have seen (Before it got greenlit) that aside from a few anomalies, 2 kinds of people posted on the comment section. People who hated the game because it looked bad or because they hate the yogscast for whatever reason they made up, and people who praised Yogscast.
Very few people ever said that they thought the game looked great or had potential, without mentioning the yogscast.

It's a sad fact, but it is a fact. There is no logical reason why Yogventures should be greenlit yet. :)
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Sherlock Oct 18, 2012 @ 7:27am 
Cap'n Crazy Oct 18, 2012 @ 7:28am 
Originally posted by †KoG† Duskfall:
I'm curious if anyone actually thinks this looks good who wasn't directed from a Yogscast related page.

And Lord, please don't pull that on me, I'm hoping for a proper discussion.
I was directed from one of their pages and I think that it looks a bit crap, actually. Having said that, I stopped enjoying watching their vids right after they got popular and put more effort into merchandising then on actual content.
Paynful Oct 18, 2012 @ 12:29pm 
Several things, just to hit at the haters!

Yes I backed this game at Kickstarter, why? Because I thought when the pre-release footage came out, that it had potential. Then it went quiet, and we heard nothing of it! Then all of a sudden it appeared here, and being I paid my money for it, I gave it a thumbs up, because I had already paid it!

For those saying "you can only play as Simon or Lewis", There will be character customization. At Gamescon, they actually showed footage, in which Kris, said quite specifically, this will be an adventure map game. No survival (not quite a minecraft clone then!) People will make and design adventure maps, whether related to Yogventures or not, they will still need characters, so there will be customization. And don't forget they released a video which showed you could have different types of beards, exact copy of two specific people? No, yes they will be characters available, but not just them!

And there are people saying this is a Minecraft clone, I have several points to state:
One. Minecraft was pretty much a clone as well.
Two. Minecraft is made of mainly of square voxels (shapes/polygons which the terrain of a game is made from) And this is, but these voxels blend in to make smoother landscapes.
Three. As I said earlier, there won't be a survival element, just a adventure map element.
Four. Once Minecraft went into Pre-Alpha, there was no creative setting, not unless you downloaded mods, so this is very different in that aspect.

I didn't pre-purchase for the "yog" brand. No, I pre-purchased because I thought I would enjoy this game, and I still think I will when it gets released!

And if none of that floated your boat, I leave you with one message:
"If you don't like it, lump it!"
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nom Oct 18, 2012 @ 1:21pm 
I didn't vote this up and I'm not buying it but I am a Yogscast fan, I only watch them for their videos (but I'm really losing interest now :l), but honestly, it may be in early development but for every Yogscast fan out there that actually wants to play this game, CAN. If you don't like the Yogscast (and if you don't why the hell did you create this topic in the first place) then just ignore it! Other people who really wanna buy it and play it can but there's no changing what happened now, just let it be.
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Litagano Motscoud Oct 18, 2012 @ 4:13pm 
Nobody's forcing you to buy the game. Ignore it if you don't like it.
Yomil Oct 18, 2012 @ 6:56pm 
friend who was a yogscast fan sent me a vid of this game, looked like ♥♥♥♥ at first but the more and more he kept sending me yogscast stuff and i started to like them the better it looked, i guess you just have to have a hard on for them to truly appreciate this work of art, so yeah im buying it along with probably half of the people (if you could call us that, i dont know what i am anymore) who watch yogscast.
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