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Race the Sun
freakyforest  [sviluppatore] 28 set 2012, ore 10:57
Race the Sun - Thoughts
It would be awesome to hear more thoughts from the Steam community about Race the Sun. What do you think of the gameplay? Does is give you a headache? Has anyone had a seizure or puked while playing?
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Better suited to iOS, but overall amazing game.
freakyforest  [sviluppatore] 1 ott 2012, ore 13:23 
Thanks for your thoughts!

Mobile is definitely something we're looking into - but our focus is making a great PC game at the moment. We're at about 35% complete with core experience - so we have a lot of work to do!
Amazing concept for a simple game with nice color scheme, one of those games like Brainpipe that is good on the eyes and requires concentration. I really do think, for $2-4, up to maybe $6, this game would be nice on single player and really cool on co-op multiplayer. I can picture a 2-player mode where you choose the color of your ship. The concept is worthy of consideration, and I think it seems like no more of a minigame than Vertex Dispenser or Run or Brainpipe. Could easily be made into a full game.

- Choose your own color ship co-op multiplayer, where you pass through each other (no split screens!) and a concept much like Donkey Kong Country, as long as one solarcraft is still surviving, the game continues, with items at various checkpoints that act as a resurrection for your partner

-A really really cool high scores screen where you can compare scores with the world as well as Steam/Kongregate friends.

-A really friendly user interface like that of most puzzle games, ie Bookworm, Bejeweled, etc etc, complete with a TOTAL score of all time for that user, as in every point you've ever gotten, to signify your devotion to the game, and stats like "Longest Run" or something, measured in units that don't really exist in the game (much like Minecraft stats with most meters traveled) 100 units being one stage passed. People like to keep record of their biggest feats.

-Have a BUNCH of ingame badges, like Spore, like a new badge/achievement for every milestone, like 5, 10, 15 stages reached. I know this relates to the player's level, but this is on a recordable format where people can more easily track their feats. Like I said, people like to keep record of this.

This game reminds me of a really cool 3-D version of bit.trip runner, which nobody accuses of being a minigame. I think this game deserves the same status. Remember one thing above all, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep adding without taking away the simple joy the game provides.

When this game comes out on Steam, (and I say WHEN, not IF,) I will be buying the game. As long as it's under five dollars, it'll be an amazing affordable experience.

And to Forest and Alex,
Everyone has to start somewhere. I can tell you guys put a lot of your lives into this. Keep it coming, release one game at a time, and APPEAL TO STEAM. You will be big in the Steam world, much like other companies that make games like this and aren't so huge, but roll in big profits from Steam purchasers and sales, etc. Keep it up, can't wait to see more.

Honored to suggest ideas.

- Dry.
Ultima modifica da Drybones08; 2 ott 2012, ore 14:16
(other half of Flippfly here) - Thanks for all those great suggestions! You're right that we have to keep the game simple.
freakyforest  [sviluppatore] 3 ott 2012, ore 11:58 
Awesome ideas Dry.! Thanks for the feedback. We are definitely working hard to keep with the "K.I.S.S." principle on this one. It's always tempting to keep adding features and end up ruining the simplicity of the game. The stage we're in right now is trying stuff in the alpha state and seeing how it works - does it improve the experience, or take away..?

In the end we'll refine things down to the most fun/awesome features and build on them.
freakyforest  [sviluppatore] 16 nov 2012, ore 12:28 
Cool! RockPaperShotgun just did a post about Race the Sun!
this game is spectacularly addicting. I just bought the $10 version because I repeatedly went back to it, played the hell out of it, and thought about how this game could go above and beyond what it is.
What makes the game is the aesthetic, not just graphical, but how the controls, soundtrack, sound effects, and visuals fits together hit a sweet spot for me. That sense of speed and the "Whoosh" of barely colliding with a spike. Even better is the sense of dread that these mechanics give you as the sun turns red, the soundtrack changes, and shadows descend, slowing your solar-powered craft to its inevitable demise. I think the biggest challenge to you is preserving and enhancing that aesthetic.
While it has a very good aesthetic, some points just feel a little "off," sometimes the obstacles blend a bit too much with the rest of the background, making them hard to see. Also, while the screen moves slightly with sharp turns, it can often be very hard to react to obstacles that seemingly come out of nowhere, perhaps adding a bit to the camera's motion, or, better yet, make it a slider setting, so the player can determine how much motion to use. And then, there's the usual complaint of there not being enough variety, which I think has been talked over more than enough, though my personal favorite is still an ocean enviornment.
This looks like a spectacular game. I like the style - and the audio in the teaser video really worked well for me. :-)
Thanks guys for the comments, and your support!
it could use a few splashes of colour here and there. Everything feels very grey. Also, the UI could be improved, its not very aesthetically pleasing.
freakyforest  [sviluppatore] 6 giu 2013, ore 8:56 
Good thoughts Alt!
We actually just sent a new beta to our testers that incorporates more colors in the later regions. This post has a screenshot:
The daily world with daily leader boards is a great feature, and it perfectly suits this game. It's the one reason I would want to play this game every day, and devote time to getting better at it, rather than just playing when I feel like it. With that said, I hope more incentives for competition are planned for the future. Maybe things like weekly or monthly leader boards, or races similar to Path of Exile, with unique rules and mechanics and such. Or maybe if you do well enough on the leader boards you can customize the look of your ship. I dunno. Just throwing some ideas out there.

Also, I love the art style. Maybe a tiny bit more color, but overall I think it's perfect.
freakyforest  [sviluppatore] 3 ago 2013, ore 9:27 
Thanks for the input! We definitely have ideas for more long-term (multiplayer oriented) features. Once the game is officially out we hope to spend a good amount of time working with the community of players to make things as fun as possible.
It's a great game, it was an instabuy for me when I saw it. And I was not dissapointed.
There are a few things that bother me though...
First - Brass Monkey controller support is done really well, I enjoyed controlling the sundiver with my phone's accels. But I have a problem with my tablet - the axes are flipped. Could you add an axis flipper button so such problems could be overcome? Also, if possible, such things as distance counter could also find their place on the controller.
Also, when you enter the pause menu with BM controller, you can't leave it.
Second - multiplayer. The multiplayer as it's done now is awesome. Really, a great concept! But it would be even better if you could watch the game as it was played by others. Like, ya know, watching a replay(or, if the player wishes, speeding it up or skipping at all) and then popping in. And when the team game comes to an end, just watching through the whole thing.
And yes, an eventual mobile release would be great as well.
Anyway, thank you guys for a great game.
freakyforest  [sviluppatore] 21 ago 2013, ore 14:36 
Great stuff Versatile Engineer!

That's an interesting problem with your tablet..? Is that an Android or iPad tablet (make/ model could help us track down the issue). Cool idea to add some stats to the phone. I will add the pause menu bug to our list - thanks!

We are definitely looking into multiplayer spectating or replays. Seems like that'd take things to a whole new level!
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