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Alevice 21.11.2012 kello 11.01
Will previous Inquisitor owners get a new Steam key or they will have to purchase it separatedly?
I guess the title is self explanatory
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Kovi  [kehittäjä] 22.11.2012 kello 1.50 
Yes, those who bought the game directly from us will get their Steam keys automatically, those that bought the game on GOG.com will have to send us an e-mail request for it.
Alevice 22.11.2012 kello 6.35 
I see, thank you very much.
Ratzi 15.12.2012 kello 5.11 
that is really good to know, since i bought it on gog before i saw that it will maybe on steam, what will you require from the people who bought it on gog as a proof of purchase?
Kovi  [kehittäjä] 16.12.2012 kello 23.51 
We weren't discussing this yet, but I guess that the "order summary" e-mail should suffice.
Ratzi 1.1.2013 kello 8.18 
Thank you very much :-)
Yitani 10.1.2013 kello 15.40 
what about desura?
Kovi  [kehittäjä] 10.1.2013 kello 22.44 
I assume the same as for GOG.
Great :) That makes the choice simple ill jus use desura in the maentime :)
The game is awesome. Truly a breath fresh air in a world where so many games have gone stale! Greenlight Please!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on jkhristian; 20.4.2013 kello 15.55
doomowl 3.5.2013 kello 11.01 
Hi Kovi, lets say right nw if i bought it from gog.com, can i still received the steam key?? how will it progress?? still waiting for sale from gog.com >_< coz short on money but it seem right and fit my game style ^_^
Kovi  [kehittäjä] 6.5.2013 kello 23.37 
Hi doomowl, I guess it could work like this: When buying a game on GOG.com, you'll receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. If you forward that e-mail to us once Inquisitor has been released on Steam, we'll send you a Steam key for free.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Kovi; 6.5.2013 kello 23.37
so i have to keep the mail?? damn it, i dono i delete it or not >_< if i deleted it then hw?
Kovi  [kehittäjä] 13.5.2013 kello 23.30 
I guess there will be a way how to prove you own Inquisitor on GOG.com even if you have deleted the e-mail confirming your purchase. Maybe by sending us a screenshot showing Inquisitor in your collection.
doomowl 14.5.2013 kello 3.43 
kk, btw, i jz double check and it's still inside my mail box, but since steam haven release, so i jz keep it until release to request the cd key from u guys at tat time~
Xelios 1.6.2013 kello 20.26 
Yeah I don't keep those e-mails, but I own the game. When it goes live I'll just send proof by screens. Thanks for doing this. =)
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