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Dead Cyborg
endi  [developer] Jan 8, 2013 @ 8:11am
Technical FAQ
-Why no installer?
-I have no time to make it. Just unpack the zip file and start "start_game.bat" file.

-What about the viruses? Is this game checked?
-About viruses: the file is checked by common antivirus programs, but you can check it after download of course.

-What platforms are supported?.
-Supported platforms are: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.

-What is the minimal hardware to run this game?
-It will runs fine on a 1.5Ghz processor and a Geforce7600 or equivalent ATI videocard. But better to try it yourself, it is free to download.

-How can I check this game is running on my machine?
-The download is free. So download it, try it. If your machine can't run this game, don't make donation. :)

-I have graphics some problem.
-Try to update your graphics driver.

-How can I start the game in fullscreen?
1: You can maximize the window to the full size of your desktop.
2: You can edit the start_game.bat. ;-) Use "-f" for fullscreen and: width height bitdepth freq.

-Where can I set the anti-alias and texure filters and other graphics options?
-You must use your video card control panel. For example "NVIDIA Control Panel" - if you have an NVIDIA video card.

-What languages are supported?
-Now only english and hungarian.

-What will happen when you can't get enough donation?
-Then the game will goes commercial... or I will stop the development... I don't know.

-Can I put the game to torrent or other download sites?
-This is not allowed. You must use this webpage to download it. This is because of the copyrights, and because I will make updates here (bugfixes etc.).
(Update: drop an email to reqest permission.)

-I have other questions.
-You can write an email to me, and I will answer if I have time.