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Huntsman:The Orphanage
 Este tópico foi afixado, então deve ser importante
ShadowShifters  [desenvolvedor(a)] 18/set/2012 às 19:33
DEVELOPER HOTLINE: Huntsman:The Orphanage (ALPHA)
Hi everyone, here's just one more way to interact with Shadowshifters, developers of Huntsman:The Orphanage. Don't forget if you want to vote on specific game features, look for us on Facebook!
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KEO 19/set/2012 às 8:06 
When it will be out :o
ShadowShifters  [desenvolvedor(a)] 19/set/2012 às 14:45 
@Pootis Paw (Team Pootis) - Too early for us to set a release date yet, as this is an indie effort with a team of three and we want enough votes from fans to carry us through to Greenlighting for distribution before we can accelerate production with more team members, but we will be releasing playable demo scenes as fast as we can produce 'em, so keep checking back!
KEO 19/set/2012 às 15:34 
Thanks for tell me @ShadownShifers. :)
happy 23/set/2012 às 15:39 
why do a slender man game. slenderman is overused.
Escrito originalmente por DeRpY:
why do a slender man game. slenderman is overused.

Did you ever think Derpy hooves is overused?
ShadowShifters  [desenvolvedor(a)] 24/set/2012 às 22:39 
@DeRpY - Batman has been going since the 1940's, constantly re-invented (albeit with varying degrees of success) by a long chain of creatives from the fields of writing, comic art, film-making, games etc... yet Batman still remains valid as a cultural icon. Doubtless many people have expressed their opinion over that time that no-one should ever try to improve upon the original, and of course there are many more who eagerly await the next Batman movie. What this tells us is that each person has their opinion, and those who don't want Slenderman content creators to keep working hard to make better quality content for the fans may wish to ignore Slenderman projects, and instead use their time to support whichever are their favourite projects - that way, everyone gets what they personally enjoy. It's a lovely thought...
Cheeseiron 24/set/2012 às 22:56 
Jesus the first trailer scared the crap out of me... I really want to see this game realeased... :D
Uriel1776 4/out/2012 às 19:33 
Well,if there's no exact much will you charge for this game? just asking.
By the way best of luck with your game! I'll be sure to purchase it. :D
ShadowShifters  [desenvolvedor(a)] 4/out/2012 às 21:09 
It's too early in the dev process for us to asess the dev costs and the sales projections, but the aim is: super affordable. The quality bar is rising all the time!
Sykoklown 8/out/2012 às 0:35 
As long as there are no pages to be collected, this game will beat all of its predicessors. :D
ShadowShifters  [desenvolvedor(a)] 8/out/2012 às 0:37 
@Sykoklown - You have my "No-Pages" guarantee!
ShadowShifters  [desenvolvedor(a)] 10/out/2012 às 5:00 
Currently planning Christmas 2012 release...
ShadowShifters  [desenvolvedor(a)] 11/out/2012 às 17:20 
Win yourself a free copy of horror-mystery game “The Slenderman Stories: The Orphanage”!


1. We want your input - visit our game’s official Steam Greenlight page and leave your comment there with your best ideas for freaky features you'd like to see in the game!

2. Like our Facebook page, and share this competition with your friends.

3. Follow us on Twitter, and RT this comp.

Winners will be announced on our official Steam Greenlight page on October 31st... HALLOWEEN!
(Only Greenlight comments will be eligible. Estimated game release date December 2012)
ParadoxObscuris 26/out/2012 às 17:06 
Okay Shadowshifters here's some ideas..

Along with the screen getting fuzzy whenever Slender is close to you...he should laugh...and the laughter escalates whenever he get's closer.

Another thing..


If this game is about finding pages then not only should the music like give you creeps..but it should have bells and an organ..

yes a pipe organ.

and a clock chiming.

Another thing, it shouldn't be too dark in the game. but dark enough to make the player nervous.

Another thing that i'd like to see

a cake jumping at you

or something out of the a chair jumping at you that would be cool.

And statues should move...ocasionally.

I'd love to play this.
ParadoxObscuris 26/out/2012 às 17:08 
Oh yeah and your flashlight should need batteries...and there should be keys for some doors and rusted kitchen utensils...

and you should also have letters about the place scattered throughout the game.

and a story about Slender...that would be awesome.
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