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MattDementous  [Fejlesztő] 2012. szept. 23., 14:34
Frequently Asked Questions
--Will there be a Mac version?
The game is planned to launch with both a Mac and PC version.
--Does this game have a story?
Yes, but not in the way you'd think. The story is more of a backstory to the house. Details of the story can be learned from notes. You'll find the past repeats itself in horrific ways...
--Will the game have any DRM?
There will be a Desura version and a Steam version (and likely an optional 100% DRM free version available to those who request it). There will be absolutely no Activation limits or constant-online DRM. Having played many games that had intrusive and annoying DRM, I can safely and openly say my game will absolutely not have that. The Steam version will be the same as the Desura version. The Desura version will be the same as the 100% DRM free version. There will likely not even be any serial numbers needed to activate the game. Just install and play. Forever.
--I already own the game. Will I have to re-buy the Steam version?
Absolutely not! If you own the game already, I will personally give you a Steam copy. You shouldn't have to pay for the same game twice and I won't let that happen.
--Will there be Steam Achievements?
I plan on adding full Steamworks integration, including achievements (I'll make sure there's plenty of them!).
--Does Paranormal support gamepads?
Yes, Paranormal will launch with full gamepad support, including the Xbox 360 controller.
--Do you plan on selling out, like many horror games and movies do?
Too many horror franchises go downhill by catering to the masses instead of making what they set out to. I won't make that same mistake. I know my game could be considered a niche game, and I'm okay with that. I'd rather have a niche game that is faithful to the found-footage genre than a blockbuster horror game that follows the mold that many do.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: MattDementous; 2012. okt. 22., 10:21
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Is the game "win-able", or do you die every run?
Will you be able to take any actions to prevent paranormal activity, or do you just run around and observe it?
Will there be other characters?
Will there be battery mechanics for the video camera?
How big is the house? Will we be able to go out of the house, or are we stuck inside?
How long will the average run be? Is the plan to make each run short and scary, or long and intense?
What is the balance of reading/action? Is the game going to be segmented to reading during the daytime and scares during night? IS there a day/night cycle?

Just a few questions I thought of. The game definitely sounds awesome so far!

EDIT: So I see that the game is released on Desura. I will check it out in a minute! Are you going to be implementing changes after this point, are you going to build from what you have, or are you just going to release the game as-is on Steam?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: TheMettaur; 2012. okt. 13., 1:25
MattDementous  [Fejlesztő] 2012. okt. 13., 6:49 
Currently (SPOILER WARNING) there is no way to survive, though I do plan on adding one at some point. Considering the player wants to get footage of the paranormal activity, there are currently no ways to prevent it. There are other characters, though they're not alive anymore. There are battery mechanics for the camera. The house is fairly large, you can go outside to the yard, the attic, garage, basement, upstairs, etc. Each run should last at least 30 minutes, giving it a nice scary experience that progressively gets more and more intense every in-game night. The reading is actually not necessary anymore since I have the journal entries narrated by the main character. The day and night cycle is triggered every time you go to sleep.
I plan on changing the game for at least a year after release, probably longer than that. I'm going to continue to build on to what I have, and create entirely new scenarios, locations, characters, and stories aswell.
i downloaded bata 7 and it wouldnt run cuz its not 64 bit is there a 64 bit avalible or only 32?
MattDementous  [Fejlesztő] 2012. okt. 17., 5:47 
BETA 7 will run on 64 bit (that's what I developed and tested it on)
may i suggest a guest house and a possible barn since the setting appears to be outside the city from an out side view point maybe the house has a out door celler leading to an underground storage from years ago
I have beta 9.3 and I'm getting quite a lot of Tearing. will there be a v-sync option added at some point?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: maxmatt; 2012. okt. 25., 7:15
MattDementous  [Fejlesztő] 2012. okt. 25., 8:24 
Definitely at some point, yes. Does playing fullscreen help the screen tearing?
quick question how do I run the beta 7 on my mac it always says that the file coudnt be opened is there a special thing to open it up? if so please give me a link on where to downlaod teh tool/program.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Taka; 2012. okt. 27., 13:21
MattDementous  [Fejlesztő] 2012. okt. 27., 14:33 
Try downloading the Mac version of Beta 7 :)
ok so it runs but i get a big changing color line that engulfs 3/4 of the screen then i get audio and crashes any fixes?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Taka; 2012. nov. 8., 19:10
MattDementous  [Fejlesztő] 2012. nov. 8., 19:15 
Beta 7 for the Mac's loading screen is glitched. Let it sit there on the crazy color line thing for 5-20 minutes and the game should eventually load. It's something I fixed in later versions, it only showed up in beta 7. If that doesn't work, on the main menu press ~ and type (without quotes) "open paranormal2" and press Enter. That should load the game.
oh ok thanks :D ill try that out right now
EDIT: major lag cant tell why but any solutions?
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Taka; 2012. nov. 10., 14:40
according to ben "yahtzee" croshaw, a reviewer and game designer there are three types of horror games
"1 your in a dark room and a monster pops out of a closet shouting "abloogie woogie woo"
2 the monster isnt in a closet but standng right behind you and you KNOW he's going to shout "abloogie woogie woo" at some point but he doesnt and your getting more and more tense but you dont wanna turn around cause he might stick his **** in your eye
3 a monster shouts "abloogie woogie woo" in a brightly lit room before walking slowly over to you plucking a violin and slapping you in the face with a T-bone steak"

now i suppose this could be simplified by saying 1. is a jump-scare, 2 is the power of suspense, and 3 is "look how gross 3d rendering can make our monster! look at him, we are so proud of ourselves:)" each of these has a place in the horror genre and i was wondering what shall be the main archetype you shall be using for your monsters? and what shall be our options, should we encounter one in your game?
MattDementous  [Fejlesztő] 2012. nov. 11., 17:09 
All three. The reaction should be whatever is natural for you, be it running, braving it out, but no combat. Paranormal will never have combat. The reason Silent Hill and Resident Evil lost a lot of their fear-factor was the fact that you had means to destroy that which should make you feel afraid and helpless.
im a big silent hill fan and residant evil and they were both scary silent hill more then resedant but point i am saying is i love your games idea still think it needs a few bugs worked out but i have played hounted house sims and i like yours just needs a story kinda the feeling of being helpless is scary and the jump scares are to. overall for the simplisity of the game its pretty cool i already rate it over slender just cuz i hate stick ppl and i couldnt find pages well in slender just keep trying at this game and i hope it gets on steam
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