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In Verbis Virtus
Impressions from the Demo
Have to come back to this with some commentary on the demo. Good points first: The visuals are STUNNING. My graphics card is on the backwater end of fail, I don't impress easily, and I was still blown away right from the baked shadows in the desert. Each spell has a feeling of real -power- behind it, with special mention for "Mind over Matter". How much fun did your sound team have making the crashing sounds of blocks being swept into walls, or pilliars being abruptly dropped? No feeble wooden 'klunk' or 'pwang' of the Source engine here, stone BOOMS when it falls eight feet or so. "Follow my Will" is a very interesting take on the 'use' function of most games, and its first use (on the object you learn it from) is EPIC.
A few negatives: "Let there be light" is... weak. The light radius is what, three feet? And the glow of your own hand is blinding in the darkness, making it necessary to creep about with extreme care and squint into the monitor. Perhaps that was the intent, but I'm not a fan. Also the "Come to Me" and "Go Away" modifiers on "Mind over Matter" are interesting... but ultimately rather clunky. Their adjustments are small and imprecise, requiring repetition. Perhaps use mousewheel instead? And lastly... the spell lore feels needlessly... biblical. Are we a mage or a priest, here, really?
All in all... good work. I haven't been this excited for an upcoming release since I caught wind of Orcs Must Die and Dungeon Defenders at the same time.
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Indomitus Games  [Fejlesztő] 2012. okt. 29., 15:45 
Thank you, your opinions are very useful for us :)
We are working to make the spells as precise as possible, as well as making some effects less intrusive (obviously without losing the overall quality!).
As regards lore and story, in the demo they were at a very early and "experimental" stage. They will be much more refined in the final version.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Indomitus Games; 2012. okt. 29., 15:57
Something else bears re-mentioning. One of the puzzles in the demo involves Beam of Light bouncing through several gemstones held by statues, and opens a door that slowly closes again when the light is turned off. So you have to rush to the doorway... but in order to open the door, you have to place one of the statues in your path. The conflict of "Being in a hurry" with having to clearly and calmly pronounce "Follow my Will" to get that statue out of the way is something I've NEVER had to do before. At that point, it was no longer about defeating the puzzle--I had that solved. I had to defeat myself, finding a state where I could rush the door and speak the words to clear my path with stoic discipline.
That was a precious experience unique to this game, a very powerful self-confrontation, and perfectly captured the necessary mindset of a spellcaster with more gravity than any convential game system can manage.
You really hit the point, since the very first prototype one of the goals was to experiment the peculiarity of voice controls.
In addition to your example, consider the case of a monster that comes out suddenly. It is not the same as having a finger ready on the "fire" button: you have to remember the right words and to pronounce them correctly, without having your voice altered by fear.
It's not a matter of recognition accuracy, even a real person would find it difficult to understand stammering words.
Since voice is heavily affected by emotions, they affect the gameplay much more than traditional controls. As you say, this embodies the concept of the classic spellcaster, which needs a particular discipline. As another example of the correspondence, saying the words in a convinced and clear tone is not a mere excuse of auto-excitation, but has the real effect of making spellcasting more reliable.
I'd considered that. I have a friend I'd consider "Jumpy"... and if the enemies are suitably frightening or good at ambush tactics, well... "SH*T! SH*T! SH*T!" is considerably different from "Shield." Fatally so, one might say.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: LiterateGoat; 2012. okt. 30., 6:32
really fun to play the demo, i eagerly anticipate a new demo or the finished game
the spells are easy to remeber, they sound impressiv and even i am not native speaker of english and i use the xbox headset the spells worked 3 out of 4 times and better :)
the level of immersion is multiple times higher than regular gaming, you have my deep respect
the feeling of saying follow my will and than the contruction of the bridge let me feel like a powerfull mage
i like the design idea of the ruin and the mages hand

(i know its version 0.2) but the beam of light ist a bit annoying, the sound made me turn down the volumen a long as i use it and it seems not to light the area not even a littel bit
the light orb ist better but the transition from lighted area to dark ist to sharp, its like the light of an led and not an orb of light (i would imagine its light like you hold a light bulb )
second one to the sound, the crashing sound of the pillars when you first use mind over matter is not really suitable and kills the immersion for a moment
i liked the overall design but in the second light puzzle with the three diamonds (one red two white) here i lost also the immersion, because aof the reflection of the light beam from the diamods, for different incommings the light came out in one way, there would have been mirrors with a fitting angle much better because they force the light more naturally in an angle that is essantiel for the puzzle

sorry for the long negative part, the length doesnt represent my overall impression, i liked it verry much and wait vor the full version
I just tried out the demo today and I really loved it. One thing about the language of the spell: while it is ok to have the spell spoken in English, it... loses the feel of the game. Maybe in future development we can have some other spell names, like in Latin or some variation/combination of multiple languages. I think that would capture more of a fantasy feel.
Frznflm eredeti hozzászólása:
Maybe in future development we can have some other spell names, like in Latin or some variation/combination of multiple languages.
I remember reading that the final version will use an original made-up language.
BarrakDraconis eredeti hozzászólása:
Frznflm eredeti hozzászólása:
Maybe in future development we can have some other spell names, like in Latin or some variation/combination of multiple languages.
I remember reading that the final version will use an original made-up language.
in that case i humbly request that we get a spellbook that has a ''play words'' option XD otherwise it'll be insanely hard for people to guess how to speak some words
Indomitus Games  [Fejlesztő] 2012. nov. 19., 13:57 
.xL | Mirvra eredeti hozzászólása:
in that case i humbly request that we get a spellbook that has a ''play words'' option XD otherwise it'll be insanely hard for people to guess how to speak some words
There is a "play words" function even in the currently downloadable version. Just open your journal and click on the blue words.
I just installed the demo today, and I have a few things to say, most of them good.

First of all, the visuals are amazing. The starting desert just looked so pretty, and the inside glowed with nice lighting.
Also, your voice recognition software is pretty good, there was a couple misinterpritations, but it's hard to get that at 100% accuracy. Additionally, this game makes it feel like my spells actually have some POWER to them, like how the first use of "obey my will" (or whatever it will end up being) has an epic use. Finally, I honestly think that this game gives a great sense of immersion, as you actually have to participate, rather than just hit the keyboard.

However, I did notice a few things that I think could be fixed. First off, the "let there be light" spell only gives a very small circle of light, and the light in your hand is so blinding, there's only 2/3 of the screen that you can see. Also, the commands for adjusting distance on "mind over matter" are rather imprecise, perhaps there's a way of using something to help select the distance, perhaps mouse wheel? Finally, on puzzle design itself, perhaps you could add a small ledge from the part where you need to use the boxes to hold open the door, so that when you need to move the box from under the platform to under the door, it's a little easier to aim where you want the box positioned.

Overall, though, I think that your team has a brilliant idea that seems fun to use, and I really hope to see the finished product that you guys come up with.
Thank you for your advices ^^
However, the problem for the "Let there be light" spell you speak of is a matter of environment. The effect is predominant only when the distance field of view is black and there is actually nothing to see, while you can look to near items through it. We will tweak it anyway to enhance the visual experience of the game, thank you ^^
Speaking of telekinesis, we initially thought of adding the mouse wheel function, still for the demo we preferred put as more vocal commands as possible. Even the puzzle design is essential, just to let people try our system. Things will be very different in the final release.
As a counterpoint, there's something you need to see shortly after they teach you Light. The floor. During that section, you walk off a small cliff and up the ramp to get out of that little pit. Light couldn't show you the bottom, it's a leap of faith. You then need to walk around a second pit and jump a third--both of which are fatal. But I fell into the second trying to get close enough to see if it was safe.
I just finished playing the demo and was very impressed. Excellent graphics, fun gameplay. The use of environmental effects and spell combinations also added to the experience.

I like the idea of using a made up language, or using Latin as Frznflm mentioned above, though you might consider leaving in the English version as a selectable option. This will make the learning curve smaller for casual gamers. There is also something to be said for understanding what you are saying and watching the environment react to your words.

I like the little snippets of story you can access from the journal when you gain a new spell, but would like to see more in the way of story/plot. I'm assuming you plan on adding this to the game as you develop it, so this comment may be premature.

I suspect you are going to run into some of the same replayability issues I see with Portal. Once you know how to solve a puzzle it isn't much of a challenge to solve it again.

Having a speech calibration mechanism would be good as well. I didn't have any trouble with "beam of light" or "mind over matter". "let there be light" worked most of the time, but I had to repeat "follow my will" over and over. After a little while I was able to get "follow my will" to work about 60-70% of the time if I spoke slowly. I think I would get frustrated with this game if I kept getting killed by monsters or failing at difficult puzzles when I am speaking the correct words and having the wrong spell be cast or nothing happen.

Lastly, the "mind over matter" spell would benefit from the ability to control forward and back movement without moving your character. Up/down, left/right works fine, but I found the last puzzle in the demo i had to keep picking up and dropping one of the objects to move it where I wanted.

Overall I love the game and will definitely be looking for it when you release the full version.
Okay I have just finished the demo and I must say this is just fanominal.

Okay so lets break into the pros and cons
Good voice recognition. I was playing at 4am and trying to be quiet so my spells were struggling to here my voice but I had a 100% on the light spells, about 80% with "mind over matter" and about 50% with "follow my will" so over and again great system. the follow my will problem probably constiture to the fact of the words follow and will, the word is one that can be very hard to say fast and cleary, try to say that 10 times as fast as you can and see if you think it sounds clear and understandable.
Amazing art. This is quite an amazing piece of graphics my system is well and beyond high end but quite frankly it feels like the first time the graphics did justice to the price tag. It was probably the most beautifully graphiced indie game I have ever seen and even tops the alot of AAA titles
ease of gameplay. The demo was well paced it didnt feel like at any point u were rushed to make a descision and the movement speed was fast enough to keep the pace of gameplay for any player speed. Also monouvering from one spell to the other is quite fluid and really gives a feel for the "god of your environment" I.E. The bridge piece is epic, arcane symbol and asembly

This isnt really a con but more of a misconception when I went in. I felt like I was going to be a powerful mage but the magic is aligned elsewhere (saw the opening picture with glee). It feels more like an alignment towards a magic given by a diety (cleric) rather than arcane conjuring (mage) which is by no way a problem. The lore also reflects this as most of the powers particularly anything to do with the light spells has something to do with fallen angels or a god givin gift.
The spell signs and indacators. In a game like this it is easy to get caught up in its beauty and I found myself jumping around the first room with the crystal in the center like an idiot but in the end found that I had missed the "beam of light" spell completley also I found myself in the same delima at the second crystal room where I actaully had to look it up becuase the "follow my will" symbols are so well imbedded into the statues that nothing looks out of place, so a hint system may be a good idea in future version something simple like a glowing glyph if someone takes more than 10 minutes to activate something they should have found at the start.
Last and I really hate to say this but the english langauge is impresive but it wont be as impressive as the full version becuase arcane spell casting or even devine can constitue of arcane glyphs or hymns and the english language just doesnt do it justice.

Other than that the pros well and truly out weigh the cons and I can't wait to see the complete edition so if you guys are looking for testers who will look as deep into the game as they can go, throw me a freind invite and I will give the complete analyze but for now this is my 20 minute run through of what could be one of the most inovative games to come to light in 10 years. looking forward to future progress. and possibly contact from you guys :) GL for completion. We are ready to see the future of gaming early.

Im looking forward to seeing a game where u can say " I am the god of this environment" becuase as stated b4 in this demo as I progressed I felt more powerful than any level up in any game has made me felt ingame. Also I believe this would be a great game for hidden areas such as the stained glass and the entrance both looked like they should have had secrets lurking behind them or around them particularly the entrance where it looks like there are things lying above the door. just food for thought becuase every loves easter eggs and hidden rewards :D
So first off i LOVED the game and i mean LOVED. The graphics are stunning it was amazing to watch the rendered heat wave above the sands at the entrance. The voice recognition worked perfectly for me. Also the sound effects just put the icing on the cake and really pull u into the world.
The one thing i didnt like is the excessive glare when u use "let there be light". It makes seeing in front of you extreamy difficult. My sugestion would be to make a ball of light that hovered above your head. Similar to a will'o whisp spell from skyrim. Also i would like it if you can do dual casting.
I was in the room where you learn "Mind over Matter" and after leaving and moving the pillers from the front of the door i ended up moving one pillar all the way into the room with the "Mind over Matter" spell. (At that time i thought that there was a puzzle that needed to be solved and to do so i had to place both downed pillars ontop of the pedastals so the reached the chandelier like object above.) :P I had to use the light spell to see but i couldnt use the light spell and use "mind over matter" at the same time. It made getting the pillar into the room rather interesting. However i did eventually get one pillar into the room only to realize that the pillar wouldnt fit. X)
This actually might be a puzzle you could add.
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