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In Verbis Virtus
What would you like to see?
What would you like to see in the final release of the game? Feel free to tell us everything that comes up in your mind, still remember that we're aware that some of you would like to have an alternative command system beside the vocal one, so please avoid writing about it, thank you!
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I do not really know what you have planned, but I would really like an interesting story. Also the Light of "Let there be Light" could be better (higher light radius).
But... there's one they fear! (Skyrim voice here)
Guys. The speed of game development is something that I'm afraid of. You started the project near 2 years ago and we (users) have only demo that we can play for 10 minutes. No new stuff, no new videos, no new screens. That we would like to see. Also - we need forum to share our thoughts, Paypal donate to help you work harder.
Best of luck!
Kebab is spot on with this, a forum or something would be amazing. If you had a collector's edition of this when it gets released I would be all over it haha. Gameplay wise I'm not sure, I will play the demo again though soon because it's so good lol. Story in games, especially ones as original as this is something I have huge appreciation for, so I'm definitely in for that. Do you already have a large background planned outside of the current in-game story?
I fhink if you get battles in In Verbis Virtus you can creat if it is Posible a PvP with Vioce Controle. Where you can move walls with the mark to defend your selfe and a Fireballspell.
More over i like to see a good telled Story and some wow effects. I wanna see good animated bossbattles we will remember and some cool designed Puzzles.

Thats the things if i see in your Game i would shoult in the streat, that it's the best Game now.
Lightining spells. Please put lightning spells in this game! This would put this game in my top 3 games ever played!
I would also like to see variation in death animations. Like, if you kill an enemy with lightning, their body turns black and starts smoking, while if you say kill an enemy with ice magic, their body freezes and then shatters. That would be EPIC!
Firstly: I was swept away by this game! How could a gimmnick invented for shoddy console games have evolved into this awing game mechanic? One simple and mere sugestion I would like to share, is, perhaps to mix elements in combat...Allow me to explain: In the indie title "magicka" one could summon several elements into a spell, so if one was to use ice and electricity in one spell, he would summon a barrage of lightning-imbued frost spikes, but if he were to summon arcane and frost, he would summon exploding icycles. Something similar could be used here... Regardless I will have this game upon release, and will love it! But I still look forward to, if possible, use my imagination to guide my voice, and summon diferent elements to aid me in original ways. Thank you so much for creating this!
Non so, mi immagino una minima traccia di meccaniche GDR: ad esempio esperienza, upgrade magie e, forse, upgrade fisici. Non solo, anche dei elementi di "crafting", se così si possono chiamare: esempio l'unire due magie dello stesso tipo(quindi classicare le magie) così da avere più varietà nel prorpio libro di incantesimi. Un'altra cosa che mi passa per la testa è la possibilità di usare armi melee temporanee per battere le creature di piccola stazza.
Ancora un'altra cosa...
-Aggiungere delle magie elementali basiche, Fuoco, Aria, Terra, Acqua e poi, unendo i quattro elementi, l'Etere ovvero una magia più potente.
-Aggiungere delle creature evocabili, attraverso libri che si possono trovare nelle parti più impensabili dei livelli. Queste creature posso aiutare o nel combattimento o come assistenti(cura vita, scudi etc).
Per ultimo(con poca importanza)
-Avere una modalità multiplayer, co-op o pvp, in modo che si moltiplichino le ore di gioco e aumenti la varietà di divertimento. Un esempio di PvP può essere la classica modalità Arena dove 2-4 giocatori si scontrano l'uno con l'altro a colpi di magie.
I'd personally would love to see the ability to 'fire' certain spells. For example, "Let there be light" is, as others have already stated, somewhat weak due to a small radius. The ability to say something like, for example, "Light travels fast" would create a ball of light looking much like the light your hand is emitting. You'd fling this ball anywhere you were looking to create a small, temporary added field of view.
Sarebbe interessante avere tra le lingue "da pronunciare" oltre all'inglese e a alla lingua da voi inventata anche il latino. In fondo il latino ha sempre il suo fascino.
Just like TettaVolante said I'd want to see some of spells in latina. "In verbis virtus" should be a spell too. I also want to see so many spells, I mean we have to learn hard to know all of them.

There should be also some secret spells which we won't learn during gameplay bute we can learn them in some secret places, easter-egg spells ^^

And the very nice thing which I haven't seen at all in the demo is interaction with environment so we can grab things, throw them, place them and use spells with them. For example we can grab piece of wood, throw it and use a fire spell on it, so it be much stronger than just a fire spell.

Many secrets!

Maybe some references to other games like paintings of slenderman made somewhere ;-)

Player have a notebook with known spells, sketches of monsters, easy ways to kill them, maps, sketches of buildings etc. something like Drake's notebook in Uncharted 3.

Yep, and try to make a quite open-world game. (I'm not sure I use the right word.) I don't know how much open-world your game already is but try to make many ways to do everything.

That's all. I hope it will help you and you will introduce some of these things. I have also a little question about shapes of buildings in the game - have you been inspired by Hans R. Giger?
Cheers. Jantomedes
add a sort of skyrim like gamestyle and have like armor, weapons, and a multiplayer PvP and working together , and collecting materials and other items to craft things like weapons, tools, armor, and other items
@Eviscerator95: Have you played even played the demo?
no dont know how to get it
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